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CyclovaXC Celebrates 100 Years of Machu Picchu

Hey everyone! I just got off the Inca Trail in time to catch the 100 year celebration of Machu Picchu!  It was a pretty awesome trip, although it kicked my butt pretty hard.  I went with Peru's first winter Olympian, a cross-country skier named Roberto Carcelen as well as Martin Koukal, a cross-country skier from the Czech Republic who is a former world champion (2003 50 km) as well as an experienced mountain climber (he did the 8201 m Cho Oyu in the shadow of Mt. Everest...the 6th highest mountain in the world...without oxygen or Sherpas).

Anyway, now that I know Roberto pretty well I'm the guy for you to talk to if you want to do the Inca trail at some point.  My wife and I are pretty much going to try to get to Peru at least once a year (my wife's family is down here), so that makes it easy for me to plan an Inca trail trip.  Here's the itinerary of the trip I did with Roberto.

I suppose we'll be able to get some good tents, sleeping bags, etc., through CyclovaXC once we're up and running, but I'll have to talk to Frank about that.

Oh...and I'm sick of everybody who says they want to come and see Machu Picchu wimping out...so I'm going to start using some more pressure tactics on you all...so be warned (it's for your own good!).

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