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Don't Forget to Change Your Bladder

Bladder funk...

You know what I'm talking about (man...this article is already off to a bad start)...you fill up your hydration bladder with apple juice, and then you top it off with lime gatorade, then you drink 95 percent of it and leave your camelbak in the trunk of your car on a 105 degree day...then you forget about it for six months and later, when you're cleaning your car you stumble across it again only to find that it's swollen up like two week old road kill.

We've all tried to rinse that sucker out and fill it up again (well, maybe some of you haven't)...only to become violently ill two minutes into our session.  The fact is, you just can't get those bladders clean.

Well...I have a solution.

Buy a new bladder.

Actually this is surprisingly easy.  You can find them at your local bike store and they're only like six bucks, so seriously, instead of trying to scrape apple juice mold out of your bladder, just throw the darn thing away every couple of months and buy another one.  It seems like the healthiest thing to do.

"Bladder Funk" would be a good name for a power gel though, wouldn't it?

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