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The Future Cyclova XC Store Space in St. Croix Falls, WI: A Sneak Peek

The future home of Cyclova XC is really taking shape.  Walls have came down, doorways going up, and concrete / brick walls are coming down to make way for the storefront display windows!  Photo taken from what will be the back of the store (service area) looking toward the front.

We are now less than 10 weeks from the Grand Opening of the Cyclova XC retail store in beautiful St. Croix Falls, WI.  With that said, we have been feverishly working to prepare everything.  A tremendous amount of work has been done, but there is much left to do.

On Saturday, I met with Tony, who is our landlord for the store space.  He showed me some of the work that has been going on, to prep the space for our store.  I was quite impressed - as a lot has been done in the past few weeks.

We are taking a space that formerly had 2 tenants, with a wall in between the 2 spaces.  That wall has been taken down now!  In the above picture, you can now see that our store space is now all open - one big space 30 feet wide by 100 feet deep (that's right - we will have 3000 square feet of bike, ski, and trail run goodness for our customers). 

Additionally, in the below image, you can see where our two large storefront display windows are will be going in.  These windows will look out on to Washington Street (known by many as Main St.) and look across the street toward the Indian Creek Winery and other great businesses.  Sheetrock, insulation, concrete blocks, and brick all have to come down to get these windows in - the first 3 of which are complete.  The landlord will wait to break down the exterior brick until the day the windows are going in. 

Sheetrock, insulation, and concrete blocks have came down - to make way for our storefront display windows.
We have also been hard at work designing our store signage.  There is a 40 page or so booklet of signage regulations that we must comply with, but we are getting close now on a concept that we think will look great, the make the city happy, and please the landlord.  Our tentative plan is to have a hand crafted metal sign produced by a Northwest Wisconsin metal working artisan.  The sign will feature our text based logo (to the right in the bottom sign), likely with our shield logo to the left.  The text letters will be a maximum of 15" tall and will be centered over where our windows will be.

Also, in the below image, you'll notice the big blue boxes.  This is where our display windows and door will be.  This is a very rough mock image to give you an idea on what our shop storefront will look like, come opening day on October 1.

A sketch of ROUGHLY what our storefront will look like, come opening day on October 1.  The 2 blue boxes to the left represent what will be our windows while the blue box on the right represent where our door will be.
Finally, we are still contemplating a potential future mural on the south facing side of the building.  Above is Ben's first crack at it (also seen in this post).  As much as we like this, I don't think we could get the landlord or city's approval on this.  We're thinking of perhaps a map of the St. Croix Valley highlighting the key bike, xc ski, and run trails may be nice...  What do you think?


  1. Those are some pretty mad Microsoft Paint/photoshop skills you have. Coincidence that the sign on the building next door says "Frankl" ;-)

  2. Yes, not very good mock ups of the windows and door - humorously bad in fact.

    It's also funny, the building we will be in is called "Franklin Square", as the building was originally the Ben Franklin store in town. I remember going in there buying baseball cards as a kid.



  3. Frank, I worked there as a kid, probably selling you the baseball cards. You are going to have a great shop!! Way to go!!

  4. Thanks Steve! I didn't know that you worked there back then. I specifically remember being in there buying lots of '87 - '90 Topps and Donrus cards.
    It's definitely a great space and we're looking forward to calling it home - and having you as our guest and customer!