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Register now for the Birkie and City of Lakes Loppet - Price hike after July 31!

Register for the Birkie, and the sweet taste of a Birkie finish on Main Street will be in your future!  Don't wait!

It's late July, and already time to start registering for the coming winter's big ski races.  Think about it, snowflakes are only about 3 months away - great news for us skiers (not so great for those who don't like snow, yes I'll probably get a few hater comments for my anticipation of snow)!

Without further hesitation, jump on over to the BIRKIE WEBSITE and the CITY OF LAKES LOPPET WEBSITE and register for these fine events.  The entry fee's jump significantly after July 31!  As is always the case, you'll be far more motivated to train, if you're officially entered in a big event.  Registering early is clearly a mutual win:  races win because they know how many people will be racing & you win because you're getting a deal and have additional incentive to train!

Don't start thinking snow yet, but come October, you know where our mind will be...

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  1. Right on Frank. The races help keep the motivation to stay fit and active high.