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Team Apparel: Yet another shipment arrived today!

The latest shipment of team kits is in!  Get some!

Cyclova XC is all about having a great time while out cycling, skiing, or running - and wearing top notch apparel is critical to enjoying yourself and being comfortable while out.  It's even more fun to be out and see someone wearing the same kit as you - or do a team workout.  Yes, good times in spandex!

We know cycling - and get out every chance we get.  That's why you can trust Cyclova XC team wear to be the best in the biz while offering huge bang for your buck!  Details like a very specific Italian made synthetic chamois in the shorts, full zip jersey, micro grid jersey fabric, relaxed raglan sleeve jersey cut, and the list goes on and on.  This apparel is the real deal!  Whether you're a first timer or logging a ten thousand mile summer, our team wear will keep you comfortable. 

Over the past few years, a small army of folks have purchased team kits from us, and the momentum continues to grow.  Back in mid May, we placed another big order - primarily special orders for folks whom pre ordered apparel.  The order arrived on Friday and if you ordered apparel, you've received an email notice from me.

If you didn't get in on this order but are interested in some Cyclova XC apparel, there is a very good chance that we have what you're looking for.  For starters, check out our current availability levels on our Team Apparel page.  There, you'll find all of the specifics on the gear and how to order.

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