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!ANNOUNCEMENT!: Trek Bikes at Cyclova XC!

Fabian Cancellara's stock 6 Series Trek Madone is a battle tested work of art - and you can rely on Cyclova XC to perfectly set you up on just such a machine through Trek's Project 1 Program!

Like Fabian, the Schleck brothers both used stock 6 Series Madones to both place on the podium in Paris - in this year's Tour de France. 

We have carefully been working for months on determining exactly what Cyclova XC's bike assortment will include.  There have been some incredibly difficult choices that have been made, but you can be certain that Cyclova XC will only offer our customers the very best bicycle for their needs. 

After these months of careful analysis, we have selected Trek as the primary bike vendor partner of Cyclova XC.  Trek, a Wisconsin based company, is an incredibly values oriented company.  They produce a fantastic product, that offers great value.  They do business in an ethical way all while treading lightly on the environment.  On top of that, they are the top specialty bicycle brand globally, in almost every category of bicycle (and accessory in many cases).

Trek's new Gary Fischer Series of 29" Mountain Bikes is absolutely incredible.  You'll be seeing plenty of these on the trails in coming years!

Not only is Trek the #1 specialty bike brand globally, we also believe they make the best bikes on the planet!  With a company wide focus on what they call "Continuous Improvement", Trek has never stopped innovating.  The results are staggering.  Their Madone Road Bikes, Speed Concept Tri/TT Bikes, Fischer Series Mountain Bikes, and even "Technical Trail" (Freeride/DH) Bikes are simply the most advanced and proven bikes in their category on the planet.  Simply put, these bikes are all amazing - and Cyclova XC is absolutely thrilled to offer Trek to our great customers - and to be riding Trek ourselves!

The new Trek Speed Concept bikes are the most advanced, fastest bikes on the planet - in the wind tunnel or the real world.  Several major innovations are present on these bikes which shave minutes off of your Triathlon or TT times!

Having just returned from Trek's massive in-house trade show known as Trek World, much more specific info on our assortment will be appearing on the pages of - not to mention all kinds of other fun stuff like quotes from superstars like Fabian Cancellara, Andy & Frank Schleck, Yens Voight, and Ironman Superstar Chris Lieto!

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