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CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS: We Have Windows & A Front Door!

The new storefront windows and door has been installed in the Cyclova XC storefront with Ingrid (my daughter) checking them out!

When opening up a new small business - in our case a world class bicycle, xc ski, and trail run shop - there are countless things that must be figured out and executed on.  Ensuring that your store space is in the ideal location, attractive, and will provide customers a great shopping experience is one of the big critical pieces. 

This past weekend, our landlord finished up a major milestone in preparation for our store opening:  Our new storefront windows and doors are installed!  This is definitely one of the more exciting and visually satisfying milestones in the process of working toward opening our store.  Beginning on our grand opening day of Saturday, October 1, you will see regularly updated attractive window displays in these windows.  These windows and doors will also provide great day light into our store and from the inside a great view of the happenings on the Main Street of St. Croix Falls.

The view out what will be the front windows of Cyclova XC.  Note this is a work in progress with construction equipment still around...
Stay tuned here for a whole lot more news and updates on the progress toward the opening of our store, for more new brand announcements.

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  1. Congrats frank! Great to have you in St. Croix Falls!