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Longrange Forecast: SIA & NOAA Call For Big Snow Season!

SIA & NOAA say that a snowy winter is in our future!

"La Nina" is certainly a friend of North American Nordic skiers.  During La Nina winters, weather patterns are generally driven by a strong northerly storm track, which drops above average precipitation (ie:  snowfall) with below average temperatures across the norther portion of the US.  This past winter of '10 - '11, the average national snowfall was 28% above average - which is a lot!

According to NOAA, while multiple strong La Nina winters back to back are unusual, it does happen on occasion - the last time this happened was the winters of '98 - '99 and '99 - '00.  These La Nina winters back before the millenium winter, produced greater than average snow across the country, with generally great Nordic skiing here in the Midwest (although I recall a number of massive melt downs and doing a lot of lake skiing those winters).  

SIA sees a strong correlation between big snow winters and strong sales of SnowSports products.  Photo credit to SIA.

Not surprisingly, SIA (SnowSports Industries America), sees a strong correlation between snowy winters, increased participation in SnowSports, and SnowSport product sales.  This past winter of '10 - '11 was an all time record for SnowSport product sales - will this winter exceed last winter's all time sales record?  While it is unlikely, the last time there were two record breaking seasons in a row were the two consecutive La Nina winters of '98 - '99 and '99 - '00.  Only time will tell.

Stay tuned to CyclovaXC.com for the official word on when to begin the snow dance!

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