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"Say Hello To My Little Friend": New Cyclova XC Shop Construction Progress!

Step 1 for Storefront Windows and Door:  Cut holes in concrete / brick wall with huge concrete saw (note the vertical lines cut into the brick)

Step 2 for Storefront Windows and Door: Badass landord / construction contractor gets out sledge hammer and says, "**Say hello to my little friend"!

Step 3 for Storefront Windows and Door:  Enjoy and use front door!  (Just think how many cool bikes, skis, and running shoes will go out that doorway!)

So I was tending to some business in St. Croix Falls a few days ago, and walked by the future home of Cyclova XC (our store location at 125 North Washington Street, Suite A in St. Croix Falls, WI).  Every time I walk by there, Tony, our landlord is making great progress on our space - so naturally, I always anticipate walking by to check it out.

This day, I notice that vertical cuts are visible through the exterior brick of the building (in addition to the interior demolition work that had been done on the inside of the building).  I knew that these cuts are for where our new storefront display windows and front door are to be placed.

The next thing I know, Tony, our landlord walks out the door, sees, me, and says come on in Frank - check out the progress!  I do, and much has been done inside.  Stud framework is up around where the front entry doors will be as well as other details.  Next, Tony says, where did I put my "Little Sweetheart"?  Tony being a funny guy, I was amused.  Chuckling to myself, I watch him look around for "his little sweetheart".  Reaching for his sledgehammer, he lovingly picks her up and says, "there you are"!

Next, Tony says, "come on out if you like Frank, I've gotta keep moving".  We walk outside, with Tony's "little sweetheart".  We then look at the lines sawed into the brick on the north end of our space (right side in the above pictures) and he says, "let's make a doorway for you!"

 After the comical "Sweetheart" talk, I expected Tony to take a que from Scarface...

I expected the next thing to come out of Tony's mouth to be, "Say hello to my little friend", but sadly, nothing was said.  Just a swift throw of the sledgehammer and a literal wave was sent through the loose bricks.  Another swing of the sledge and the top 4 rows or so of brick fell down from the doorway.  With several more swings, the doorway was open to our space - with a pile of rubble in the entry way!  After the dust cloud settled, I realized that the doorway to Cyclova XC's new shop had just been "born"!

Sadly, I had to leave after witnessing our front doorway opening being created.  After I left, the 2 storefront window openings to the left of the door were all opened up as well.  Driving home, I contemplated the number of bike, xc skis, running shoes, and other cool gear that we be going out those doors - or the number of skis to come through the doors for our World Cup Level Stonegrinding Service.  Fun stuff to contemplate - and it's only a matter of time now!

Now, all that remains on the construction to do list prior to our move in on September 1 is to install our new windows and doors - and do the finishing work.  A significant amount of work to be sure - but we're closer to being ready than not now!

Exciting times - and this is just the beginning!

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