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Come and Ride the Tour de Taste With Us on October 1st!

Hey Everybody!

You're all going to have to clear your calendars for October 1st because it's going to be a BIG Weekend at CyclovaXC.  First of all, it's OUR GRAND OPENING, and we seriously expect ALL of you CyclovaXC members to be there (especially all of you with whom I've had all these email conversations but have never actually met).

In honor of the opening of CyclovaXC, St. Croix Falls has decided to throw a town-wide bash they're calling Autumnfest (Ok, Ok, they've been doing this for years and years...but it's still cool), so there will be plenty to see and do in St. Croix that weekend.  The word on the street is that the autumn colors will be in full bloom, so that alone will definitely be worth making the trip.

Along with our grand opening, we're also hosting a nice, casual bike tour.  Check out the registration form here.

Pre-Registration is $15 up until 9-25-11 and after that it's $20 (you can register starting at 8:30 AM at CyclovaXC, located at 125 North Washington Street, Suite A in downtown St. Croix Falls...you can't miss it).

The ride is a 23 mile loop that starts at the Scenic Overlook at 10 AM (right down the street from CyclovaXC).

Check out the course map here.

Remember this is just a tour, not a race, the idea is to get out in your shiny CyclovaXC gear (or other bicycling gear) and meet some fun new people as well as enjoy the fall colors of St. Croix.  You can also feel good about yourself for participating because this is a fundraiser for the Woolly Mountain Bike Club.

When you get done with the ride, you can hang around in St. Croix with Frank and I enjoying wine and coffee (a cup in one hand and a wine glass in the other...awesomeness)!

We look forward to introducing all of you to the St. Croix falls area!  I think you're going to see right away why we decided to make it our headquarters!

Note: There is also a 5k at 7AM on the same day, so you could come and do both that and the bike ride and get a pretty solid training day in!  Click here for registration info!

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