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The Epic Day of Moving the Stonegrinder

We spent a heck of a day moving that 50,000 ton stonegrinder from Frank's old farm down to the scenic wonderland that is St. Croix Falls.  I'm telling you, stonegrinders aren't any fun to toss around.  They're DENSE! Like fifty times more dense than the core of the sun (and that's super dense as any physicist will tell you).  Fortunately we had five solid CyclovaXC guys so we had enough manpower to haul like seven or eight stonegrinders around (all the extra firepower was just for getting rowdy later...which we did).

The above picture is the moving truck we rented for this massive undertaking.  Notice how the bed of the truck is like 4 feet in the air.  The guys at the truck place said we should get a truck with a hydraulic lift, but we told them they were a bunch of wimps and that we'd just throw the stonegrinder into the back, which we did.

Here's a picture of the mighty lift:
Dan's face looks more like it's contorted in joy than agony.  He must like dealing out pain to stonegrinders.

Anyway, the beast got into the car and we tied her in place so she couldn't escape.  Frank's good at that, here's a picture of his handiwork:
Yup, that's not going anywhere.  We were thinking about riding back down to St. Croix in the back of the trailer on rollerblades but we decided against it.

Here we are arriving at the stonegrinders final resting place (hopefully):
That may look like a hydraulic lift but it's not, trust me when I tell you we just flung that thing into the back.  This was the "discussion" portion of our day as we stood around and decided which way the machine should go and whether or not it would fit through the door (turns out it did...we just had to take a running start at it).

Yup, a heck of a good day of transporting heavy machinery.  We then went out for a beer and I was so excited that the waitress told me that I had to "keep it down."


She was right too, I was too exuberant after tossing that stonegrinder around, wouldn't you be?

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  1. Don't hurt your backs! Hey, rollerskiing tuesday and thursday mornings and also saturday for anyone that wants to get a great workout in. Did river road from St. Croix to wolf creek and back.