Expanding store hours in February... Stay Tuned!

The Grand Opening of CyclovaXC!

Well, tomorrow is the big day!  The dream Frank and I have been cultivating for the past couple years (more like twenty if you count the Riverbrook days) is finally coming to pass.  Our doors will be opening in St. Croix Falls!  I received an email from one of our members the other day saying he wanted to "join the CyclovaXC movement" and that's really what we want it to be!  We want to take running, biking, and skiing in the Midwest to a whole new level!

We've already done some pretty awesome celebrations in our shop space (the viewing of "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" was the stuff of legend) and we've got a lot of great things planed for tomorrow.  Click here to check out the whole itinerary.

By now you know that we've organized a little bike tour to go rolling out from our store doors at 10 AM, but for more details on that, click here!

I really doubt that we'll be updating too much over what's sure to be a spectacularly busy opening weekend, but we're sure to have photos and adventure stories on Monday!

See you all at the shop space, and don't forget your CyclovaXC gear (we want to get as many of you as possible in the ribbon cutton photo)!

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