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My Wife Says I have Too Many Skis

Yesterday I hung around at the CyclovaXC shop eating powdered sugar donuts, drinking Coke, and opening up box after box of brand spankin' new cross country skis.  I had to laugh because my wife already tells me that I have too many pairs of skis...well, as of now I have about 50 more pairs with another couple hundred sitting in some boxes in the back (numbers are approximated, I don't know how many there just SEEMS like an eternal wave of skis which is awesome!

The only problem at the end of the day was that I discovered I didn't bring my good camera with (well, I brought it, but the batteries were dead), so I had to take pictures with my blackberry (hence the less than usual quality).  The above photo are the new Rossis, plus some special deal Madshus that you'll have to come and ask about.

Here's a fun photo showing the development of the whole shop:

And here are the back country skis and poles we have ready and waiting for you!

Again, this is just the beginning, by Saturday, this place is going to be OVERFLOWING with awesomeness!

See you there!

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