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New Cyclova XC Store Sign Is On Site!

Our new storefront sign arrived today and will be mounted on the storefront in the coming days (team work day...)!

Whew!  It's been an intense September to date and it will be until the BIG DAY ON OCTOBER 1!  Rather than posting on this website as frequently as usual, we've (yes we - Cyclova XC has numerous incredible new employees that we'll be announcing soon) been incredibly busy with the build out of the new Cyclova XC store. 

Today, our amazing new store sign, handmade by metal working artisan legend Paddy Stevenson of Hayward, WI arrived at our store (thanks Neal / Dad for picking it up)!

This amazing new sign, is Paddy's amazing artistic rendering of our shield and text logo.  It will be hanging centered over our front store display windows (as seen above from the inside).  See our very rough mock up from this July web post of what the sign was to look like at this post from a while back.  The concept was great - but Paddy made it look even better!

In any case, we're thrilled with how it looks - and with this we'll certainly have one of the nicest store signs in town and one of the nicest bike/ski/run shop signs in the country!

Come and check it all out at our Grand Opening and the Tour de Taste Bike Ride on Saturday, October 1!