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Painting the CyclovaXC Shop

Well, our store place is looking more and more like a bike shop (having a big bicycle tree in the front sure helps).  Here are Neal and Dan diligently painting away.

We decided to go with something approaching Wintersteiger green for our service area.  The blue is just a nice blue that should be appealing enough to everybody.  Obviously, things are going to look quite a bit different as we start loading boxes, etc. into the place and getting the displays up, but it's nice to get a blow by blow of the progress.

What we really should have done is put a camera up in the corner for one of those time lapse films as we painted the area and started bringing things in...darn it, I wish I would have thought about that before.  Too late now.  Just imagine how awesome that time lapse video would have been...imagination is STILL better than anything you see on a movie screen (although Avatar had most of my wildest imagination beat I have to say).
I see we put Neal to work...good (I've yet to see Frank lift a brush, in a picture or in real life,...just sayin')!

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