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Trek Bikes In The House At Cyclova XC!

A semi truck load of Trek bikes arrived on Wednesday - along with several Salsa Mukluks!

The day has arrived - Cyclova XC now has Trek bikes on hand!  After the truck driver heroically parallel parked his big rig on Main Street, we got to work unloading our first Trek shipment.  43 bikes on this shipment included bikes ranging from Speed Concept Tri / TT bikes, to 12" kids bikes, to 29" X-Caliber MTBs, to Madones, to the comfy 7000!  

Also of note is that we received a shipment of the new Salsa Mukluk 3's.  We are one of few shops around with a size run of these gems - so be among the first to get your hands on these amazing Mountain Bikes - with 4" wide tires.  Don't be afraid, this is an actual high performance bike, but built with 4" wide tires, that float well through snow or beach sand

Wednesday was a busy day for receiving product, with the big rig full of Trek bikes, UPS, Fed Ex, and Speedy Delivery dropping off the latest in amazing bike and ski technology!  

Now, we are tasked with getting all of this amazing product ready to sell to our great customers, and prep our store for what will be a bike & ski shopping experience like no other!

Join us in being a part of history, for our GRAND OPENING and the TOUR DE TASTE on Saturday, October 1!

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