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Come For a Rollerski With Us on Saturday, Oct. 8th

Hey All!

Frank and I are planning on doing an easy rollerski on Saturday up in St. Croix Falls.  The shop opens at 11, so I figure we can hit River Road at about 7:45.  If you don't know River Road, it's just North of St. Croix (past the park).

Frank always claims that he hasn't been on his rollerskis much, then he sprints off and you never see him again.  I, on the other hand, am the type of guy who rollerskis with a coffee mug in one fist, and a doughnut in the other (so we've got all levels covered).

Generally, I drive down the first hill and park behind the first road sign I come across (I think it might be a curve warning sign).  I'm guessing if you just drive down River Road on Saturday morning, you're going to see us.  Then you can just park, throw on your boots, and join the train!

Cheers and hope to see you!

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