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How About This On a T-Shirt!

Frank posted some ideas for a CyclovaXC T-shirt on Facebook the other day, and just as I suspected, most of the people in our group said they'd only buy a T-shirt if it had Frank's face on it. about the above version where I cleverly replaced the face of Clint Eastwood with our own knowledgeable Frank!

Actually, I made up this flyer to stick on windshields and hand out to people at an upcoming Cyclocross event.  I figured this kind of whimsical attitude was just what the doctor ordered...especially at a Cyclocross race.

The best comment up to now is that Frank should be holding a wrench instead of a pistol.  The only problem is that I don't know what kind of lens is required to get the same magnification effect.  I guess we'll have to call up the master over at!

So, I guess the question remains on the floor.  Would you buy a T-Shirt if it had the above image on it?

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