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Salsa Vaya: A Good Bike For Monday

The cyclocross bikes we carry at our store have been getting a lot of attention.  Originally, Frank had thought the Trek 7000 comfort bike would be the option of choice for the residents of the St. Croix valley who were interested in riding the Gandydancer trail.  Although those 7000s are a pretty sweet ride, they don't quite have the same panache as this orange Salsa Vaya.

Back in the old days, I always thought there was something especially beautiful about cyclocross bikes.  There is something hypnotic about the road-bike look with the off-road wheels.  Every cyclocross machine seems like it's been modified in the garage of some utter cycling fanatic who pumped his ride full of pure artistic bicycling joy (the perfect melding of asphalt, geometry, rubber, and French wine).  If you've ever been out to witness a cyclocross race you'll know that it's a special kind of fun, an almost mischievous atmosphere.

Having never done a cyclocross race, I always thought it might be a little extravagant to have a cyclocross bike.  However, you don't really need to race in order to have this ride, and it occurred to me that this would be a great "Monday" bike.  Something you could use to commute to work in style.  This is for when you're bushed from the weekend and you just want to ride around on something that says, "yeah...I'm bad, but I don't have to prove it to you today."  But heck, on this machine, if the racing spirit does happen to take you, you'll be able to whip all comers.

Also, I like the pepper logo on the head tube:

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