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Tour de Taste and CyclovaXC Grand Opening

I didn't include this image before, but I should have because it's awesome!  I might have to isolate Frank and have a cardboard cutout made of him in that exact same pose to hang permanently in the front of our shop.  It's sort of like a mix between a safety first video (specializing in the dangers of scissors) and Conan the Barbarian.  You know...that big pair of scissors...I could go off for hours.  Why doesn't something like that ever turn up in a Zombie movie?  I mean, it's acceptable that people grab cricket bats.  We don't play cricket in the US!  But movie producers don't consider those to be a too improbable item for zombie film weapon inclusion.  Why not a ginormous pair of scissors (wow, no spell check highlight for "ginormous," maybe the spell check thingy finally gave up on me)?

Anyway, let me get back to business.

I just put together a whole bunch of photos from our Tour de Taste event and the other things we had going on at our Grand Opening.  It's always nice to get the inaugural event under your belt, and although we had some hiccups, we're sure we can get them corrected for something even bigger and better next year.  Here are a collection of shots for you all to enjoy, and I think Frank has some more that he will be posting soon.

 The Door Prizes
 Daisy as a Cyclist
Inca Trail Presentation
Tired Little Biker

Be sure to head up to CyclovaXC for our Superfit weekend from October 28th to the 30th! This is a premier event featuring professional cross-country ski fitting, technique and waxing workshops with the world class athletes and Olympians from the CXC racing team (there are also going to be some fun things for you to try like laser rifle biathlon). Check out CyclovaXC.com in the upcoming weeks for a full event schedule!
See you all soon!

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