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TRAIL WORK DAY: Balsam Branch / Garfield XC Ski Trails, near St. Croix Falls, WI

We guarantee that trail work is a great time, and we actually do get a bunch of work done - although you might not know if from this picture!

'Tis the season of cooling temps, shorter days, and wishing it would only be a few degrees cooler when it rains - so it would snow...  It can only mean one thing - that's right, another epic ski season is just around the corner now!  

While many folks have been putting in the hours training (or launching a new ski shop in my case), we all must do our part to make sure that we have a great place to ski when the snow flies.  That's right, if every skier helped out just a little bit at their local trail each season, it would make an enormous difference!

This Sunday, October 23 is just that opportunity!  The very hard working volunteers at the Amery Nordic Ski Club are having a trail work day, walking out from the main Garfield (DD Kennedy Park / Balsam Branch) Trail head at 1PM.  This is one of the region's very best ski trails and is located roughly between St. Croix Falls and Amery, WI - about 1 hour from Minneapolis.  The focus of this work day will be to simply clean up the trails - removing any sticks or debris as the final prep for the ski season.
You needn't bring much, perhaps a yard/landscaping rake if you have one, some work gloves, and an appetite to talk with fellow skiers about the coming ski season!

Last year's work days at the wonderful Garfield trail was a a really fun day out on the trail, with a ton of volunteers, and we literally put up kilometers worth of light poles, which helped to finish lighting over 4k of trails for night time skiing.

Come join us in lending a hand in making world class xc skiing available in our backyard!  Feel free to contact Cyclova XC with any questions on this work day.  See you out there!

A light pole goes up at a trail work day at the Balsam Branch Trails - fall 2010.

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