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Trek Women's Bikes Are Ahead of the Game

These new Trek women's bikes are tremendous!  Back in the old days, what they used to call a "women's bike" was just a man's bike with a different paint job and some flowers on the handlebar tape.  Or worse, they'd take a man's bike and angle the top tube so it intersected with the seat tube about four inches up from the crank (which did nothing to address the proper geometry a woman needs for a comfortable fit...and significantly weakened the frame to boot).

I remember that the complete lack of proper fit for avid women cyclists caused my mom no amount of grief for decades (no exaggeration).  She experimented with Georgina Terry's model (the bike with the tiny front wheel), and even had a custom frame built, all to no avail.

Well, luckily the team of crack physicists at Trek have taken the matter into their own hands and designed a rockin' women's bike with the same attention to detail you'd expect from a lunar mission.  They've got a shorter top tube, smaller and narrower handlebars, and an adjusted seat.  Every one of these elements is tailored to how the female anatomy differs from the male (and it only took the bike industry about two centuries to figure this out...duh?).  The best part is, Trek offers a female version of every single bike they have in their line.

Seriously folks, there's no substitute for a bike that fits and we're psyched to have these bikes here!  It's great to see somebody riding out the door, even a cyclist who has been active for decades, and hear them say, "finally, it FITS!"

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