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ABR Trail Conditions on Thanksgiving

Hey everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!  For the last two years, Zulma and I have been on the road for Thanksgiving.  Last year we were at the Crazy Horse Monument in the Black Hills, and this year we were up at Ironwood, Michigan staying at the AmericInn and hitting the ski trail in the morning (well, I was hitting the ski trail, Zulma and Sofia were hitting the pool, and the waffles...well...I hit the waffles too).

The skiing was courtesy of ABR, and if you haven't ever been to ABR, let me tell you that it's probably the best place for early season skiing.  It was fun coming up here because I hadn't been to Ironwood since about 2001.  Back in the old days, Frank and I used to make this trip regularly, so driving up on Tuesday brought back some memories.

As you can see from the above photo, the trails were pretty good up until about 11:30 on Thanksgiving day, but I think the warm temperatures and the sun might have had their way with the trail since then.  I bought a 3 day pass, so I'm planning on heading out there in the morning on my back country skis (good conditions for the Rossignol Evo's) for an hour or so before heading back to Chippewa.

See you all at CyclovaXC for your Black Friday Cross-Country ski shopping!

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