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Great Skiing At Trollhaugen - in the St. Croix River Valley!

Trollhaugen was a busy place on Wednesday morning, with a full parking lot and a bus load of high school kids out enjoying some early season skiing!

It's November, and believe it or not, we have great xc skiing here in the St. Croix River Valley.  Trollhaugen's dedication to Nordic skiers continues this ski season, through allowing Nordic skiing anywhere on their many perfectly groomed alpine runs, from 7AM - 9AM.  After a few more days of snow making, their 2.5 Troll Hollow Nordic loop will be finished up and covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.  The Troll Hollow loop has 100% man made snow coverage and is lighted late into the night, making for one of the most convenient XC Ski venues in the region - with guaranteed snow!

I've enjoyed skiing at Trollhaugen twice already this season, and have enjoyed skiing around on the flats at the bottom of the hill, and have also gotten in a great workout by skiing up and down the big hill.  As a bonus for skiing up the hill, you can ski down, practicing your slide turns (or Tele turns if you're a better skier thank I).  Finally, Steve Edling tipped me in on a great little tip for skiing at Trollhaugen on a busy day, suggesting that I ski back and forth on the bowl at the top of the hill.  Up at the top, there is a great bowl, with a curving trail and fun terrain that provides a great workout.  

Come on out and join us this morning at Trollhaugen from 7 to 9 for a fun ski, including a beginners lesson at 7:15 - just look for the Cyclova XC jackets.  Also, I will be leading the wax clinic at Trollhaugen's Nordic Race Clinic tomorrow at noon.  Come on over to Trollhaugen and check it out!

The father & son team of Pedersen & Pedersen out acending the Troll, and sporting a Cyclova XC "Ski Like Landgraf" hat.

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