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No Snow at ABR Today (unhappy face)

Well, ABR was awesome yesterday but today it suffered the effects of 50 degree temperatures and...well, it didn't really rain, but it was very humid, humid enough that the snow just died.

That being said, I still skied for an hour today on my old bulletproof back-country skis, but about a quarter of that ski involved walking along on grass.  It was one of those stress-free, fun days, but it wasn't really skiing (still anything beats roller-skiing).

All this being said, ABR is still THE place to go for early season skiing. With their lake-effect snow they get HUGE dumps and literally can manufacture a great ski trail literally overnight.  So keep an eye on the forecasts and keep your fingers crossed because I'm thinking we'll be making some trips to ABR in early December.  Although things don't look good for this weekend.

Always give ABR a call before you head up there.  It's a long drive and I just don't want anyone to drive up on the recommendation of this web page only to be sorely disappointed upon arrival.  Here's their web page and phone number             (906)-932-3502     .

Trollhaugen is the best bet for this weekend I think!

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