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Snow! Everybody's Going CRAZY!

It's nice to go through Facebook and see all the pictures people are putting up who are all psyched out about the recent snowfall.  It's all just theory until the flurries start and then BANG, people are revved up.  Something about seeing those flakes in the air and feeling that crisp, frozen air enter your nose that makes you want to SKI!

This picture is from last year when we were still working on a cover for "Beyond Birkie Fever" (Tom and Debby just called me up raving about the book by the way, so head into CyclovaXC and get a copy!) and we thought it'd be cool to have the CyclovaXC suit and a Birkie founder bib on the cover.  So, I went over to Landgraf's house and asked him if I could borrow one of his bibs for a photo shoot.  Actually, I was a little uncertain as to whether or not that was a legitimate request (those bibs are precious), but Dave thought it was an awesome idea and was only too eager to let me use one of his bibs.

So this is one of the billion or so photos I took and which we eventually didn't use on the book cover, but I'm still glad we have them, and there's no better way to commemorate the first snowfall on CyclovaXC than an image that includes a Landgraf Birkie Bib!

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