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Using the CXC Fitting Mat to Check Cross-Country Ski Fit

First off, I've shipped out the order for our ski suits and Mt. Borah has told me they'll be shipping the final product on December 16th which should give us our suits in plenty of time for the snow (and, more importantly, the early races).  

In the meantime, I've finally found a second of peace to sift through my old photos and videos and start posting some of the things that happened on our Super Fit weekend at CyclovaXC.  For example, in the above image, we have a skier checking out how a couple of Salomon racing skis flex on the CXC Fitting mat.  That fitting mat was a pretty impressive piece of technology (you can see the flex pattern on the screen).

Cross-country skiing is one of those kind of minimalists sports, but don't be fooled, there is a HUGE amount of technology that goes into modern skis, boots, bindings and poles.  Don't get me wrong, skiing is still one of the best sports for escaping the technological world and getting reconnected with the true reality of being a living being.  It's just that the technology of skiing is kind of hidden in the background to magnify your experience.  The better your skis go through the snow and twist and adapt to the trail, the less you have to think about them.

Which gives you the chance to think about more important things, or absolutely nothing at all!

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