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CyclovaXC is a Happy Place!

Hey Folks,
We just wrapped up another great weekend at CyclovaXC!  It's so much fun to hang out at the shop and have new and old friends stop by to talk about skiing, biking, and essentially just getting the most out of your life.

Yesterday, I turned to Frank in the shop and said, "This store is a happy place, there's a good vibe in here!"  That's the kind of sensation you can hope for but not really guarantee, and I'm glad we're nailing it.

After work, Emalea and Mitch accompanied me up to Loggers to watch the Packers continue on their phenomenal season.  When we arrived the Viking game hadn't finished up, so we watched it patiently as the clock ticked closer and closer to 3:15.  Then 3:15 came and went and the announcers kept saying things like, "next up..the post game" which was disturbing because I wanted them to say, "next up...THE PACKERS."  Anyway, I started to get embarrassingly frantic about the game not being on, and it got worse and worse as the seconds ticked by, until the waitress finally changed the channel.


It was only like a two minute delay, not at all the fault of the staff at Loggers, but I just get worked up when the Packers are on.  I don't even order my food at a bar until I actually SEE the game on the screen (not hear them assure me it's going to be on...I need to SEE it!).  So I felt a little bad about getting snappy, but hopefully I settled down to everybody's satisfaction when I finally saw the old green and gold.

This warm weather isn't making any skier happy, but there are some upcoming events that should be fun.  I heard word that there is going to be some sort of casual relay race at Troll Hollow next weekend, and this should more or less coincide with the arrival of our new ski suits (they're supposed to be in this week), so we'll send a shout out if that materializes.

Also, Emalea and I started thinking it might be fun to have a sledding party one of these days.  Any suggestions for a hill we can use.

That's about it for today.  Hope you all had a great weekend and the cubicle isn't too stuffy this morning.  Hope to see you all out on the trails sooner rather than later!

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