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The Hobbit Looks Like the Inca Trail to Me!

A little while ago I wrote about watching one of the Lord of the Rings movies at the Ironwood movie theatre. Back in the old days, we essentially spent our winter weekends up at Ironwood skiing at ABR (and if it doesn't snow soon, I think we'll be up there for the rest of this December as well).  Anyway, I stumbled across the above trailer for the upcoming "Hobbit" film, and I couldn't resist sharing it here.

Honestly, the first thing I thought when I watched this trailer was that Middle Earth looks a whole lot like the Inca trail!  The big difference being that the Inca trail is real.  I'll be posting more info about this Inca trail adventure shortly, but if any of you out there are interested, start putting some coins in a jar to pay for things (we're looking at June of 2012)!

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