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It's Back-Country Skiing Time!

Every year it seems like I get stuck at my mom's house with Frank when the first snowstorm hits.  Last year we were up there and the second the big flakes started falling, Frank started sprinting around getting his equipment ready (sort of like a kid on Christmas morning).  Truthfully, it's pretty hard not to feel a little Christmassy when the snow hits...I mean just LOOK at that picture.  It's like it was taken in the middle of a snow globe.

Anyway, Frank was all excited about driving down to the Spooner trails, but I finally talked him out of the idea.  As excited as I was to go skiing, I didn't want to drive anywhere in a blizzard.  Plus, the thing you always have to remember is that the trails don't get groomed for at least a day, so there's no point in making a mad dash to the ski trails.

What we ended up doing instead was just grab our back-country/waxless/rock skis and just go on a little ski/hike around the back 40.  Every skier whether they be beginner or Olympic hopeful needs a pair of waxless touring classical skis for just having fun on.  At CyclovaXC we carry the Rossignol EVO that retails at $150.  Here's a picture of my daughter playing in front of the Evo display:
Those skis are great because you don't have to think about them.  You just throw them on and you head out into the woods.  You can use them either on a groomed trail, or you can just break your own path.

On Sunday I headed out to Irvine Park in Chippewa Falls and just played around for an hour.  This is the best kind of training because it really doesn't feel like training.  Instead, it feels like you're just playing around.  However, when I got home, I felt that familiar, invigorating exhaustion in my arms and legs that let me know I'd gotten a good work-out.

It's easy to freak out a little bit this time of year because there is usually a bit of a "dead period" between roller-skiing season and snow-skiing, but a pair of back country skis fill in the gap nicely.  Every time we get a dusting, you can hit it with the back-country skis, and before you know it we'll be flying along on expertly groomed corduroy!

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