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We've just gotten news of a new Nordic Center in Lindstrom and since it's our job to spread the word, I decided to get this post up lickety-split.  The center is called Anvil Nordic, and the awesome picture above is their Facebook handle (check out [and "like"] their Facebook page here).

The center is located at 11465-335th St. Lindstrom, MN 5505 on Sunrise lake (see map included below), and started as a vintage automotive and marine restoration shop.

They're on a 750-800 acre scenic lake that has a distinctly isolated feel.  This sounds like a great place to go to really feel like you're out in the Northwoods while still being relatively close to the Twin Cities.  Currently they only have 3 km of trails, but they plan to expand and have a lot of city support to do so.  This is definitely going to be a Nordic center to keep your eye on.

They'll be open for $5 per person on Saturdays (9:30 to 4:30) and Sundays (12:30 to 4:30) and they'd really like for people to come by and give them feedback about what they should do for expansion.

Check out their web page here.

View Anvil Nordic in a larger map

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