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Solid Skiing at Tower Ridge (near Eau Claire, WI)

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A buddy of mine called me up and advised me that Tower Ridge has a pretty good cover of snow. I didn't need to be told twice, so the second I was able I packed the old gear in to the Subaru and made the familiar drive out Hwy Q.

True to the word, Tower Ridge was solid, although I was a little nervous about the sign that said you weren't supposed to ski there until after dark because the land is open for hunting.  However, I figured that I had just as much right to be there as the hunter's did, so I grabbed my high visibility vest from my car and went skiing, along with my "Ski Like Landgraf" hat (which is orange/red).  I figured between those two things, it would be tough to mistake me for a deer...but I didn't see any hunters anyway (what season is it now anyway...muzzle loaders?).

I got two hours of skiing in and I could have gone longer if the body had been able.  I found the trails to be in very good condition actually.  There were a couple spots that lacked snow cover because they were right under pine trees or something, but for the most part there was a pretty solid base of snow.  The only downside was that somebody had driven some sort of vehicle out on the trails leaving a couple sets of tracks that were a little squirrely to ski over, but I assumed that those were left by people tending the trail so I'm reluctant to complain.

Folks, I think winter is here to stay, so come on out and get your skis if you've been waiting for the snow to fall.

By the way, I'll probably be hanging around St. Croix Falls after work to watch the Packers, so if anyone wants to come up and meet me at Loggers for a beer + awesomeness, that would be...awesome!

Oh, and I forgot to take a picture of the trail at Tower Ridge, so I just posted a google map as to how to get there (it's a little bit hard to find the first my humble opinion...but it's worth it, they've got a great lodge).

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