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Wax Clinic and New Year's Weekend at CyclovaXC

Hey All!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everybody! I hope you're all enjoying some time off from work with your families. We couldn't get a white Christmas, unfortunately, but believe me when I tell you that the snow is coming (and it better get here fast because I'm getting sick of rollerskiing)!

We've got a lot of fun events happening at CyclovaXC over the upcoming Holiday weekend. First and foremost, our SUITS ARE IN and they look AWESOME! If you've pre-paid this is a great time to come and pick your suit up, and if you haven't paid, we're holding your suit for you, but people really want these! In fact, I've just put in a small re-order, so if you missed the bus the first time, contact me now ( so I can adjust it and get you in CyclovaXC colors!

On Thursday the 29th at 6 PM, we're having another great Wax clinic. Our guest speaker is Dan Meyer, the only ski wax scientist in the nation and the owner of Fast Wax. He'll be going through the whole line of Fast Wax products (and it's rockin' good wax). As always at Cyclova XC wax clinics, there is a 10% discount on waxes and waxing tools during the wax clinic. Beverages will also be served.

On Friday the 30th, we'll be doing a night ride on the St. Croix mountain bike trails. This is going to be a casual, fun ride so bring your warm weather cycling gear and your headlamps! We have 2 demo Mt. Bikes available including the famous Mukluk (that bike with the massive tires everybody's so psyched about)! If you've been wanting to ride that's your chance! We'll be rolling out of the shop at 7:30 PM!

On Saturday the 31st, I really want to play some FOOTBALL! Heck, when there's no snow on the ground and it's 45 degrees, you should be playing FOOTBALL! But it's always hard to get people to stop being pansies and actually play. Actually, I'm going to be in the St. Croix area either Thursday night or Friday morning and I'll be ready to play FOOTBALL at any moment that I'm there (even moments when I'm scheduled to work at the shop:). We'll see how it goes, if you're interested in playing football, constantly pester the shop all weekend and we'll see if we can put something together.

Another activity of note is that Trollhaugen is apparently offering half price off on lift tickets and ski and snowboard rentals, so that's something to take advantage of. The last I heard, the cross-country skiing is still good on the man-made snow there, so give that a look!

So essentially, you should cancel whatever you had planned for New Years and just come hang out with us at CyclovaXC! As always, the awesomeness never stops!

See you soon!

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