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Winter Inventory Closeouts - Up To 60% Off

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Check Out the "Ski Like Landgraf" Hat

Hello Everybody,

Here's the official Mt. Borah rendering of our "Ski Like Landgraf!" hat.  Again, all the proceeds from hat sales will be donated in the name of David Landgraf.  We've had a HUGE amount of interest in these hats and we really appreciate all the people who have written in for pre-orders.

I just wanted to be clear that these are hats designed for ski racing, so they might be a little lightweight for just general winter activities.  However, I used a sublimated Mt. Borah racing hat last year and I found it to be perfect for all the weather conditions I encountered.  This included the Pepsi challenge which was something like -10 at the start.

The price of these hats is $30 plus 5.5% sales tax plus $4.95 shipping and handling.  If you prefer to pick them up at the CyclovaXC retail store (125 N Washington Street, St. Croix Falls, WI) just mention that when you send in your order.  For those of you who have pre-ordered, I'll be sending you an invoice shortly.

Please make your checks payable to Cyclova XC and mail them to:

Cyclova XC
PO Box 187
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024

The hats still have to be printed, but we should be getting them in a couple of weeks.

Let's hope the snow flies like crazy this year so we can all ski like Landgraf!

Longrange Forecast: SIA & NOAA Call For Big Snow Season!

SIA & NOAA say that a snowy winter is in our future!

"La Nina" is certainly a friend of North American Nordic skiers.  During La Nina winters, weather patterns are generally driven by a strong northerly storm track, which drops above average precipitation (ie:  snowfall) with below average temperatures across the norther portion of the US.  This past winter of '10 - '11, the average national snowfall was 28% above average - which is a lot!

According to NOAA, while multiple strong La Nina winters back to back are unusual, it does happen on occasion - the last time this happened was the winters of '98 - '99 and '99 - '00.  These La Nina winters back before the millenium winter, produced greater than average snow across the country, with generally great Nordic skiing here in the Midwest (although I recall a number of massive melt downs and doing a lot of lake skiing those winters).  

SIA sees a strong correlation between big snow winters and strong sales of SnowSports products.  Photo credit to SIA.

Not surprisingly, SIA (SnowSports Industries America), sees a strong correlation between snowy winters, increased participation in SnowSports, and SnowSport product sales.  This past winter of '10 - '11 was an all time record for SnowSport product sales - will this winter exceed last winter's all time sales record?  While it is unlikely, the last time there were two record breaking seasons in a row were the two consecutive La Nina winters of '98 - '99 and '99 - '00.  Only time will tell.

Stay tuned to CyclovaXC.com for the official word on when to begin the snow dance!

NEW "Trail Directory" Page on CyclovaXC.com!

Check out our new Trail Directory page!

Over the past 2 years (yes, that's right, we launch CyclovaXC.com over 2 years ago, in August of 2009), we've put up over 650 posts here on this website.  Of these 600 posts, we've done over 30 "Trail Profiles", which include the critical details of each of the trails, some of the highlights, and multiple good quality images of each trail.

The problem was that each of these Trail Profiles was difficult to find.  With people contacting us frequently on recommendations for places to xc ski, trail run, or bike, we realized that we needed to do something to make the Trail Profiles we had already done easily accessible for all (not to mention get up more new trail profiles).  So, we put on our thinking caps and using some new technologies, we came up with this "Trail Directory" page, which can be found by clicking "Trail Directory" up on the top navigation bar of this website.  Our goal with this trail directory is to offer our web guests easy to access, meaningful information on xc ski, bike, and trail running trails.  

Within the Trail Directory page, these trail profiles are organized by category:  bike, xc ski, and trail run.  Within each category, you may search using the map or the alphabetical list below each map by state.

Finally, our portfolio of trail profiles is always a work in progress.  Check back here frequently for more new trail profiles - and by all means if you know of a good trail that isn't on here, please get us images and all of the pertinent info (or write up a trail profile for us to post yourself).

CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS: We Have Windows & A Front Door!

The new storefront windows and door has been installed in the Cyclova XC storefront with Ingrid (my daughter) checking them out!

When opening up a new small business - in our case a world class bicycle, xc ski, and trail run shop - there are countless things that must be figured out and executed on.  Ensuring that your store space is in the ideal location, attractive, and will provide customers a great shopping experience is one of the big critical pieces. 

This past weekend, our landlord finished up a major milestone in preparation for our store opening:  Our new storefront windows and doors are installed!  This is definitely one of the more exciting and visually satisfying milestones in the process of working toward opening our store.  Beginning on our grand opening day of Saturday, October 1, you will see regularly updated attractive window displays in these windows.  These windows and doors will also provide great day light into our store and from the inside a great view of the happenings on the Main Street of St. Croix Falls.

The view out what will be the front windows of Cyclova XC.  Note this is a work in progress with construction equipment still around...
Stay tuned here for a whole lot more news and updates on the progress toward the opening of our store, for more new brand announcements.

Triathlon at Bloomer on September 10th

This looks like fun, here's the web page to register.  This is right up near my neck of the woods so I'll probably and swing by for a beer, although I can't guarantee I'm going to do this (you never know though, maybe a madness will overtake me the night of the 9th).

David Landgraf's First Birkie

Yesterday I mentioned the "Ski Like Landgraf" tassel hats that we're doing to generate some money for Landgraf's "Ski Strong" foundation.  However, that's just one of the things we have planned in order to celebrate David's legacy.

Back in December of 2010, I interviewed David about his experience in the first Birkie.  It seemed to me that this was a story that needed to be recorded and preserved.  I was writing a book about Birkie memories, and I thought the whole project would be greatly improved by having David Landgraf's name on the cover.  The final cover is up above, and as you can see, it says "Includes Founder David Landgraf's Account of the First Birkie."

The whole point of this was simply to get David's amazing story out to as many people as possible, and to that end, I've been sending the interview out all over the place.  The Birkie Website just published it here, and it's my understanding the story is going to appear in an upcoming issue of "Birch Scroll."

So head on over to the Birkie Web page and give the interview a read.  Let me know what you think, and don't be shy about leaving comments.  I know I've been enjoying reading David Landgraf stories all over the web and I'm sure there are plenty of others who have been enjoying them as well.

Order a "Ski Like Landgraf!" Memorial Tassel Hat!

We've been brainstorming over the best way to honor David Landgraf's legacy and we've decided to offer some hats for sale.  All proceeds from these sales will be donated to the Ski Strong foundation that Emalea and Laurie Landgraf have started.

Honestly, it's hard to imagine the Birkie without David Landgraf, so I'm excited to do the race (and every ski race this year) while wearing a hat that says "Ski Like Landgraf!"  I figure if that message gives me even a little of David's super-human power, it'll be quite the super charge!

The above image is a pretty crude mock-up of what the hat's going to look like.  The final product will be a lot more polished (obviously) and include a tassel.  We're getting these hats printed up with Mt. Borah who did our lime-green race hats last year.  They're very high quality hats, and I thought Birkie-Founder red was an appropriate color.

Price is $30 plus tax.  We'd like to sell around 75 of these so we can purchase them at the lowest per unit price (which increases the amount of money we'll be able to donate to Ski Strong).

There's no need to send a check yet, but if you're interested in getting one of these hats, please send me an email at cyclovaxc at gmail.com along with the number you'd like to order.

Stay tuned as I will be posting the mock up from Mt. Borah in a couple weeks.  That will give you a better idea as to what the final product will look like!

Ski Like Landgraf folks!

!ANNOUNCEMENT!: Trek Bikes at Cyclova XC!

Fabian Cancellara's stock 6 Series Trek Madone is a battle tested work of art - and you can rely on Cyclova XC to perfectly set you up on just such a machine through Trek's Project 1 Program!

Like Fabian, the Schleck brothers both used stock 6 Series Madones to both place on the podium in Paris - in this year's Tour de France. 

We have carefully been working for months on determining exactly what Cyclova XC's bike assortment will include.  There have been some incredibly difficult choices that have been made, but you can be certain that Cyclova XC will only offer our customers the very best bicycle for their needs. 

After these months of careful analysis, we have selected Trek as the primary bike vendor partner of Cyclova XC.  Trek, a Wisconsin based company, is an incredibly values oriented company.  They produce a fantastic product, that offers great value.  They do business in an ethical way all while treading lightly on the environment.  On top of that, they are the top specialty bicycle brand globally, in almost every category of bicycle (and accessory in many cases).

Trek's new Gary Fischer Series of 29" Mountain Bikes is absolutely incredible.  You'll be seeing plenty of these on the trails in coming years!

Not only is Trek the #1 specialty bike brand globally, we also believe they make the best bikes on the planet!  With a company wide focus on what they call "Continuous Improvement", Trek has never stopped innovating.  The results are staggering.  Their Madone Road Bikes, Speed Concept Tri/TT Bikes, Fischer Series Mountain Bikes, and even "Technical Trail" (Freeride/DH) Bikes are simply the most advanced and proven bikes in their category on the planet.  Simply put, these bikes are all amazing - and Cyclova XC is absolutely thrilled to offer Trek to our great customers - and to be riding Trek ourselves!

The new Trek Speed Concept bikes are the most advanced, fastest bikes on the planet - in the wind tunnel or the real world.  Several major innovations are present on these bikes which shave minutes off of your Triathlon or TT times!

Having just returned from Trek's massive in-house trade show known as Trek World, much more specific info on our assortment will be appearing on the pages of CyclovaXC.com - not to mention all kinds of other fun stuff like quotes from superstars like Fabian Cancellara, Andy & Frank Schleck, Yens Voight, and Ironman Superstar Chris Lieto!

Landgraf Life Celebration set for Saturday, August 13th

This is from the Birkie's "Carpe Skiem" email newsletter.

"A celebration of Dave's life will be held at 11:00 am on Saturday, August 13, at the Bloomer Middle School Gym in Bloomer, WI, with lunch following in the cafeteria. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to Bank Mutual in Bloomer for the Bloomer Track Program or Ski Strong, or to the Chippewa Valley United Way."

To read the rest of this nice article, click here.

Remembering Birkie Founder David Landgraf

It's impossible to express how great a loss David Landgraf's tragic passing is. Most of us know David as the legendary Birkie founder who always managed to finish among the elite skiers every single year at an age when most people are enjoying a quiet retirement.  But the thing that really made David so special was the fact that he was so kindhearted, generous and humble.  I've met very few people in my life who were as willing to help you out at the drop of the hat, or who simply embodied essence of a rock-solid, honorable, and reliable man.  David Landgraf was one of those guys.  He was the type of guy that you gravitated towards because he was such a shining example of what you yourself might one day hope to be.

The man's accomplishments speak for themselves.

Just think about the achievement of doing 38 Birkies.  Most people are pretty intimidated by the idea of doing the race just once, but David was out there year in and year out, making the necessary sacrifices to be at the top of his game for the greater part of four decades.  David was truly a legend, and any time you were around anything that had to do with skiing, you'd hear people whispering about him with reverential tones, "there's this guy who has done every...single...Birkie who still finishes in the top 200!"  David's legacy is the kind of story that takes on a life of its own and expands into the type of immortal tale that I think is going to be part of Birkie lore forever.

But the most amazing thing about David was that although all of us were always stupefied with amazement over the man (maybe even to the point of being intimidated), he was always so humble about own legacy.  I remember sitting at Allan Lindsley's birthday party when the conversation turned to the Birkie.  One of the guests, who didn't know David, turned to him and asked, "do you ski the Birkie too?"  I almost gasped.  How could you ask David Landgraf if he skied the Birkie?  But David's reaction speaks volumes.  He didn't say, "yes, as a matter of fact I've skied all of them."  David didn't mention his legacy with the race at all.  He just smiled and said, "yes I'm going to ski it, I have to."  I guess when you're as cool as David Landgraf, you don't ever have to brag.

It was always an honor to see David at the start of a ski race and just say hello and chat for a little while, and he always replied with a quick joke and a welcoming smile.  He always made you feel at ease, and was just bursting with the joy of life and the love of skiing.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about David is that although his skiing legacy is so great that it's almost hard to comprehend, it represents only a small fraction of his life as a whole.  David was also a dedicated teacher and mentor, and a loving husband and father.  I know him as a skier, a member of CyclovaXC, and as a truly great guy.  I doubt I'll put on a pair of cross-country skis again in my lifetime without thinking about David Landgraf.  There will never be another one like him, and he will truly be missed.

David Landgraf

It's with a heavy heart that we inform you that Birkie legend David Landgraf has passed away from injuries sustained when he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle.  I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that there are few people for whom I have more respect and admiration than David Landgraf.  We'd like to offer our sincerest sympathies to the Landgraf family.  I'll post more information as it becomes available.

One of our team members sent me this article which has some more information.

"Say Hello To My Little Friend": New Cyclova XC Shop Construction Progress!

Step 1 for Storefront Windows and Door:  Cut holes in concrete / brick wall with huge concrete saw (note the vertical lines cut into the brick)

Step 2 for Storefront Windows and Door: Badass landord / construction contractor gets out sledge hammer and says, "**Say hello to my little friend"!

Step 3 for Storefront Windows and Door:  Enjoy and use front door!  (Just think how many cool bikes, skis, and running shoes will go out that doorway!)

So I was tending to some business in St. Croix Falls a few days ago, and walked by the future home of Cyclova XC (our store location at 125 North Washington Street, Suite A in St. Croix Falls, WI).  Every time I walk by there, Tony, our landlord is making great progress on our space - so naturally, I always anticipate walking by to check it out.

This day, I notice that vertical cuts are visible through the exterior brick of the building (in addition to the interior demolition work that had been done on the inside of the building).  I knew that these cuts are for where our new storefront display windows and front door are to be placed.

The next thing I know, Tony, our landlord walks out the door, sees, me, and says come on in Frank - check out the progress!  I do, and much has been done inside.  Stud framework is up around where the front entry doors will be as well as other details.  Next, Tony says, where did I put my "Little Sweetheart"?  Tony being a funny guy, I was amused.  Chuckling to myself, I watch him look around for "his little sweetheart".  Reaching for his sledgehammer, he lovingly picks her up and says, "there you are"!

Next, Tony says, "come on out if you like Frank, I've gotta keep moving".  We walk outside, with Tony's "little sweetheart".  We then look at the lines sawed into the brick on the north end of our space (right side in the above pictures) and he says, "let's make a doorway for you!"

 After the comical "Sweetheart" talk, I expected Tony to take a que from Scarface...

I expected the next thing to come out of Tony's mouth to be, "Say hello to my little friend", but sadly, nothing was said.  Just a swift throw of the sledgehammer and a literal wave was sent through the loose bricks.  Another swing of the sledge and the top 4 rows or so of brick fell down from the doorway.  With several more swings, the doorway was open to our space - with a pile of rubble in the entry way!  After the dust cloud settled, I realized that the doorway to Cyclova XC's new shop had just been "born"!

Sadly, I had to leave after witnessing our front doorway opening being created.  After I left, the 2 storefront window openings to the left of the door were all opened up as well.  Driving home, I contemplated the number of bike, xc skis, running shoes, and other cool gear that we be going out those doors - or the number of skis to come through the doors for our World Cup Level Stonegrinding Service.  Fun stuff to contemplate - and it's only a matter of time now!

Now, all that remains on the construction to do list prior to our move in on September 1 is to install our new windows and doors - and do the finishing work.  A significant amount of work to be sure - but we're closer to being ready than not now!

Exciting times - and this is just the beginning!