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Video of Stonegrinding Demo at CyclovaXC

Most cross-country skiers are aware of what a stonegrinder is, but few of them have actually seen one. In this video, Frank Lundeen of CyclovaXC in St. Croix Falls, WI, demonstrates the basic act of passing a ski through a stonegrinder. Forgive the audio quality of this video since the stonegrinder makes quite a bit of noise when running.

David Landgraf Article in Silent Sports

Here's another great article about David Landgraf on Silent Sports.  Click here to read!

It'd be nice if you could leave some positive comments on this, Silent Sports makes you log in, however, so we won't be too bummed if you don't!

Get "Superfit" with team CXC at CyclovaXC Today!

Above: Frank welcoming everyone to CyclovaXC and the Superfit weekend.

Below: Jason Cork outlines the CyclovaXC Superfit weekend schedule.

CXC Superfit Weekend Starts Tomorrow at CyclovaXC

Hey everybody!

Just a final reminder that the CXCSuperfit weekend featuring several of the nation's top cross-country skiers starts off tomorrow. For any of you who were thinking of picking up a pair of Salomon race skis this year, this is the day to do it. CXC is bringing a whole truckload of skis along, and some of the top experts in the country will be fitting you to your perfect equipment.

Besides that, there are a ton of great workshops and activities scheduled, click here for a complete agenda.

If you're thinking of making a weekend of it, Festival Theatre offered to give me two complimentary tickets to their production of “The Mystery of Irma Vep.” If you're interested in getting these tickets, just come into the store and ask for them. I'll give them to the first person who expresses interest.  Click here for more information.

So bring your trail running shoes, roller-skis and your sense of adventure. This is going to be a great weekend for CyclovaXC and a great weekend for cross-country skiing enthusiasts!

Get Excited - SuperFit Weekend at Cyclova XC is Almost Here!

Right on schedule, the National Weather Service has snow in the forecast & freezing temps for St. Croix Falls for SuperFit Weekend!  Photo Credit to:  NWS

Momentum for this ski season feels amazing at this point!  Our long range forecast is looking great, Wild Mountain already has snow on the ground (just across the river from St. Croix Falls), we're primed for a great turnout at Cyclova XC's SuperFit Weekend, and snow is in the forecast for the days leading up to the weekend (with clear but chilly temps for the actual weekend).

One thing is for sure - this is definitely a winter you don't want to miss, and there is no better way to get excited about it than being a part of SuperFit at Cyclova XC!  This is the premier opportunity of the season in the state to get excited about the season, learn, and get equipped - all from Olympians, the country's top xc ski coaches, and your expert Cyclova XC staff!

Cyclova XC's SuperFit Weekend also mad today's top headline on Skinnyski.com!  Photo credit:  Skinnyski.com

Come for the entire weekend, or join us for bits and pieces - all free of charge!  For a few of the weekend's highlights CLICK HERE, and for the full schedule CLICK HERE.

Good times, good people, great place - and great food & drink options for after! 

"The Mystery of Irma Vep" at Festival Theatre: Another Reason to Come To St. Croix Falls

As if there weren't already enough things to do in St. Croix Falls this weekend, I just got news from the Festival Theatre that this is the last weekend for "The Mystery of Irma Vep."  Shows are Thursday to Sunday until October 30th.

This fits in great with our Superfit Weekend!  What better way to top off a long day of chatting with Olympians over training strategies than to sit down for a nice theatre production?

The Festival Theatre is at 210 Washington Street so it's just down the street from CyclovaXC.  Check out their web page here.

Here are a couple items from an email they sent me about current and upcoming performances:

The Mystery of Irma Vep ~ October 6 through 30th ~ A fascinating, funny, and haunting good time (adult themes & situations)
Tickets are $26 for adults & $13.50 for teens (Flex Pass eligible)
v     Sunday Matinees are October 23 and 30 at 2:00 p.m.
v     Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings at 7:30 on October 20th through 29th

For the Holidays . . . check out Inspecting Carol (hilarious holiday fare) and A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas (great for the entire family).   Plus, Jackie & Darrell’s Christmas Show on Sunday, December 11th!

In the New Year . . .

American Folklore Theatre is coming to town with their hilarious musical comedy
Guys & Does
Two shows only for the Martin Luther King holiday – Monday, January 16th & Tuesday, January 17th
Tickets just $30 each!

Stonegrinding Batches Happening Weekly at Cyclova XC!

Our Customized Wintersteiger Micro 100 machine is safe and sound in it's new home at Cyclova XC in St. Croix Falls, WI - and ready to grind your skis!

The racks are full of amazing new skis, snow is on the mind, and it's now officially "stonegrinding season"!  

We have had a steady trickle of skis coming in for stonegrinding since opening our doors on October 1, but beginning tomorrow, we are officially grinding at least one batch of skis every week, usually on Thursdays.  

With that said, if you drop off your skis by Wednesday evening, your skis will be ground & finished on Thursday, and should be ready for you to pick up by Friday - in time for the weekend.  Along with this quick turn around, your skis will personally be serviced by Frank Lundeen - one of the pioneers of Nordic ski stonegrinding.  Frank helped to bring stonegrinding from the dark ages to the modern age through acute attention to detail and refining processes.  He has ground skis for all major factory teams, US Ski Team members, Olympic Champions, and a whole lot of others who simply love fast skis!  Cyclova XC is undoubtedly Wisconsin's authority on Nordic ski service - and we look forward to ensuring your skis are gliding to their potential!

For this season's updated service offerings - including our new "Race Prep Thermo Treatment' in our state of the art "Ski Sauna", check our our SKI SERVICE page.  Note that we grind skis from across the country every week, so shipping is not a problem.  Just be sure to read the suggestions around shipping on the brochure and call us with any questions.

The ski service rack is filling up - and it's time to grind!
Cyclova XC's ski tech experts are available to answer your grinding questions and offer any advice you might need on specific stoneground structures, or any other related topic.  Feel free to drop us a line to talk skis!

Let it snow!

TRAIL WORK DAY: Balsam Branch / Garfield XC Ski Trails, near St. Croix Falls, WI

We guarantee that trail work is a great time, and we actually do get a bunch of work done - although you might not know if from this picture!

'Tis the season of cooling temps, shorter days, and wishing it would only be a few degrees cooler when it rains - so it would snow...  It can only mean one thing - that's right, another epic ski season is just around the corner now!  

While many folks have been putting in the hours training (or launching a new ski shop in my case), we all must do our part to make sure that we have a great place to ski when the snow flies.  That's right, if every skier helped out just a little bit at their local trail each season, it would make an enormous difference!

This Sunday, October 23 is just that opportunity!  The very hard working volunteers at the Amery Nordic Ski Club are having a trail work day, walking out from the main Garfield (DD Kennedy Park / Balsam Branch) Trail head at 1PM.  This is one of the region's very best ski trails and is located roughly between St. Croix Falls and Amery, WI - about 1 hour from Minneapolis.  The focus of this work day will be to simply clean up the trails - removing any sticks or debris as the final prep for the ski season.
You needn't bring much, perhaps a yard/landscaping rake if you have one, some work gloves, and an appetite to talk with fellow skiers about the coming ski season!

Last year's work days at the wonderful Garfield trail was a a really fun day out on the trail, with a ton of volunteers, and we literally put up kilometers worth of light poles, which helped to finish lighting over 4k of trails for night time skiing.

Come join us in lending a hand in making world class xc skiing available in our backyard!  Feel free to contact Cyclova XC with any questions on this work day.  See you out there!

A light pole goes up at a trail work day at the Balsam Branch Trails - fall 2010.

Meet Olympians at the CXC Superfit Weekend in St. Croix Falls, WI!

CyclovaXC is proud to offer the premier XC educational opportunity in the state of Wisconsin on October 28th, 29th, and 30th. Olympians, US Ski Team Members and CXC team members will be hosting a variety of fitness, technique and waxing presentations at the CyclovaXC retail store in downtown St. Croix Falls. This event is absolutely free, and it's a great opportunity to meet some tremendous athletes, learn more about the sport of Cross-Country skiing, and be inspired for the upcoming season!

This skiing celebration will feature three members of team CXC: Olympian Catlin Compton Gregg, top-10 Birkie finisher Brian Gregg, and US Ski team member Jessie Diggins. Also attending will be CXC's head service tech to show proper ski fitting and waxing techniques. Skiers of all levels are welcome!
Some of the exciting scheduled events are:

  • Fun ski technique instruction and training tip sessions from the nation's top skiers and coaches, for all skiers from beginners to elite skiers! All sessions on Saturday starting at 8:45AM
  • USSA Level 100 Coaches Certification Technique Clinic for Coaches - must pre-register with Jason Cork (jason.cork@cxcskiing.org)
  • Quiver Analysis—bring your skis so that top athletes, coaches, and tech experts can evaluate how well your skis fit you. If you find you have skis that become slow or unstable in certain conditions, perhaps it is due to an improper fit. This is a great opportunity to develop a strategy for which of your skis will work best in what conditions.
  • Experience the most sophisticated piece of ski fitting equipment on the planet - the CXC 3D ski fitting mat. Friday through Sunday!
  • See Catlin Compton-Gregg's presentation on her "Olympic Experience," on the Cyclova XC big screen - Saturday at 4PM sharp.
  • Join some Olympians on casual trail runs through some of the most beautiful country in the Midwest.
  • Measure your power in a fun double poling competition on a state of the art "Ski Erg" power (wattage) machine on Sunday!
  • Check out the stonegrinding demonstration on Friday evening at 5:40 by one of North America's authorities on the matter - Frank Lundeen (co-owner of Cyclova XC).
  • Wax Clinic by Jason Cork - head ski tech of the CXC Elite Team, Friday evening at 6:00PM

In short, this is a chance for all local skiers of every level to be treated with the same care and attention as Olympians. Come and be inspired! Don't miss this chance to learn the fitness, technique, ski-fit, and waxing techniques that will cut minutes off your Birkie time and greatly increase your enjoyment every time you go skiing!

For a full schedule of events check out the CyclovaXC web page here.

Again, this event is ABSOLUTELY FREE to the public. Join us on October 28th, 29th, and 30th at CyclovaXC!

125 North Washington Street, Suite A
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024
(715) 483-3278

Grandma's Entry Fee Discount Ends Soon!

If you're thinking of doing Grandma's Marathon in 2012, you'd better hurry up and REGISTER!  The discounted fee of $80 has been extended to the 19th, but after that the price hikes start and, with events like this, they get quickly ridiculous.

Still, $80 is a good price to pay for Grandma's.  This is one of the premier marathons in the world, and it's very well run and organized.  I just signed up, and I hope to see all of you there.

Place Your Orders for a CyclovaXC Ski Suit

Frank and I have been fielding a lot of questions about getting some new ski suits, so I thought I'd send out this call and find out who is interested.  We're pretty pleased with the adjustments we made to our top (shown here in our long-sleeve bicycling jersey).  The ski top will be more or less like this with a couple of changes.  The new top will have the "Ski Like Landgraf" text on the side in black lettering on a red panel.  The other side of the jersey will have green lettering in a black field that says St. Croix Falls, WI.

The pants will be quite a bit different than our current ski suit.  I can't post a picture yet because I haven't talked to Mt. Borah and got them to work up a professional design (my crude sketches have no place here).   However, we're planning on "jazzing up" our pants a little bit.  They'll probably look something like our bike shorts with some extra effects thrown in.

If you'd be interested in getting a ski suit, please send me an email at cyclovaxc@gmail.com (actually bj@cyclovaxc.com works now too) and let me know your size.  There won't be any required payment yet, I just want a general sense of the numbers so I can see what prices we'll be looking at (the more we order, the cheaper it gets, so if you're sitting on the fence, jump over to our side).  The price will probably be in the $130 range.

I'm going to try for a full-length zipper on the top too, but I don't know if they offer that yet.

Please respond to this quickly since I need to get going on this!


Trek Women's Bikes Are Ahead of the Game

These new Trek women's bikes are tremendous!  Back in the old days, what they used to call a "women's bike" was just a man's bike with a different paint job and some flowers on the handlebar tape.  Or worse, they'd take a man's bike and angle the top tube so it intersected with the seat tube about four inches up from the crank (which did nothing to address the proper geometry a woman needs for a comfortable fit...and significantly weakened the frame to boot).

I remember that the complete lack of proper fit for avid women cyclists caused my mom no amount of grief for decades (no exaggeration).  She experimented with Georgina Terry's model (the bike with the tiny front wheel), and even had a custom frame built, all to no avail.

Well, luckily the team of crack physicists at Trek have taken the matter into their own hands and designed a rockin' women's bike with the same attention to detail you'd expect from a lunar mission.  They've got a shorter top tube, smaller and narrower handlebars, and an adjusted seat.  Every one of these elements is tailored to how the female anatomy differs from the male (and it only took the bike industry about two centuries to figure this out...duh?).  The best part is, Trek offers a female version of every single bike they have in their line.

Seriously folks, there's no substitute for a bike that fits and we're psyched to have these bikes here!  It's great to see somebody riding out the door, even a cyclist who has been active for decades, and hear them say, "finally, it FITS!"

Salsa Vaya: A Good Bike For Monday

The cyclocross bikes we carry at our store have been getting a lot of attention.  Originally, Frank had thought the Trek 7000 comfort bike would be the option of choice for the residents of the St. Croix valley who were interested in riding the Gandydancer trail.  Although those 7000s are a pretty sweet ride, they don't quite have the same panache as this orange Salsa Vaya.

Back in the old days, I always thought there was something especially beautiful about cyclocross bikes.  There is something hypnotic about the road-bike look with the off-road wheels.  Every cyclocross machine seems like it's been modified in the garage of some utter cycling fanatic who pumped his ride full of pure artistic bicycling joy (the perfect melding of asphalt, geometry, rubber, and French wine).  If you've ever been out to witness a cyclocross race you'll know that it's a special kind of fun, an almost mischievous atmosphere.

Having never done a cyclocross race, I always thought it might be a little extravagant to have a cyclocross bike.  However, you don't really need to race in order to have this ride, and it occurred to me that this would be a great "Monday" bike.  Something you could use to commute to work in style.  This is for when you're bushed from the weekend and you just want to ride around on something that says, "yeah...I'm bad, but I don't have to prove it to you today."  But heck, on this machine, if the racing spirit does happen to take you, you'll be able to whip all comers.

Also, I like the pepper logo on the head tube:

Cyclo Cross Bike Racing Action Saturday in Centuria, WI!

Cyclo Cross is taking the bike racing world by storm, and this Saturday you'll find world class "Cross Racing" in the St. Croix River Valley!  Photo Credit to Cycleture.com
Cyclo Cross has taken the bicycle world by storm, and this Saturday (October 15), the eyes of Midwestern bicycle racers will turn to the Baker Orchard Farm - between St. Croix Falls and Centuria, WI!  The Baker Orchard's ground provide an ideal and challenging course for beginner bike racers and seasoned pros alike!

If you've never had an opportunity to check out a "Cross" race, this is your chance.  Baker Orchard is one of the best courses in the Midwest, great for spectating, and the race course actually goes right through an amazing old 100+ year old barn.  The course is roughly 1 mile per lap, and has numerous barriers & stairs each lap, which racers must get off their bikes and run over.  With various categories of races happening throughout the day - from 9:30AM until about 3:15PM, you can make a day of it!  The finale of the day, the Pro 1/2 Category race will begin at 2:15PM, and last for just over 1 hour.  All in all, this course provides unbelievable spectating in an amazing setting.  Come enjoy part of all of your Saturday by being a part of world class bicycle racing in the St. Croix River Valley!

As an added bonus, the amazing Cafe Wren (a world class Coffee Shop & Cafe in Luck, WI) will be there providing racers and spectators alike with culinary delights.  Baker Orchard also sells fantastic apple pies, apple cider, and of course a variety of apples at the event.

While in the Cyclo Cross spirit after the races, be certain to swing by Cyclova XC's new store in beautiful downtown St. Croix Falls, WI!  You'll find a fantastic assortment and artful presentation of the latest in bicycle technology from Trek, Salsa, and Niner - not to mention a wide variety of the latest XC Ski equipment from all of the top companies.  As a fantastic icing on the cake, come check out Cycleture.com's showing of their latest Cross photo showcase - CROSS PARADOX, which is featured in our store for the month of October!

How About This On a T-Shirt!

Frank posted some ideas for a CyclovaXC T-shirt on Facebook the other day, and just as I suspected, most of the people in our group said they'd only buy a T-shirt if it had Frank's face on it. Well...how about the above version where I cleverly replaced the face of Clint Eastwood with our own knowledgeable Frank!

Actually, I made up this flyer to stick on windshields and hand out to people at an upcoming Cyclocross event.  I figured this kind of whimsical attitude was just what the doctor ordered...especially at a Cyclocross race.

The best comment up to now is that Frank should be holding a wrench instead of a pistol.  The only problem is that I don't know what kind of lens is required to get the same magnification effect.  I guess we'll have to call up the master over at cycleture.com!

So, I guess the question remains on the floor.  Would you buy a T-Shirt if it had the above image on it?

Schedule: CyclovaXC Superfit Weekend!

CyclovaXC is proud to offer the premier XC educational opportunity in the state of Wisconsin on October 28th, 29th, and 30th. Olympians, US Ski Team Members and CXC team members will be hosting a variety of fitness, technique and waxing presentations at the CyclovaXC retail store in downtown St. Croix Falls. This event is absolutely free, and it's a great opportunity to meet some tremendous athletes, learn more about the sport of Cross-Country skiing, and be inspired for the upcoming season!

Friday, October 28, 2011
11:00AM to 7:00PM:  3D ski flex testing and analysis for the public
4:00PM to 5:00PM:  3.5 mile easy Trail Run starting at Lion's Park going north on the Indianhead Trail trail along the St. Croix River (out and back).

5:40PM to 6:00PM:  Frank Lundeen demonstrates the Cyclova XC stonegrinding process on the most advanced Nordic ski specific ski tuning machine in Wisconsin
6:00PM to 7:00PM:  Glide and Kick Waxing Seminar by Jason Cork (CXC Team coach and 2011 USSA Domestic Coach of the Year)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

7:30AM to 8:30AM:  4 mile out and back Trail Run starting at Cyclova XC's store.  We'll run on a bike trail to the Ice Age Trail Spur at the Wert Preserve Trails.
8:45AM to 10:00AM: "Get your Nordic On!" Free Dry-land and Rollerski Technique Clinic with Caitlin Compton (CXC Team member, 2011 Birkie winner and Olympian) at the Overlook (1/2 block north of Cyclova XC) on the Gaylord Nelson Riverwalk Trail and Hamilton Ave (For INTERMEDIATE level skiers - bring your own rollerskis)
8:45AM to 10:00AM:  "Taste of Nordic" clinic for BEGINNERS by Brian Gregg (CXC Team member and top 10 Birkie finisher)
8:45AM to 10:00AM:  Coaches Certification Technique Clinic  (USSA Level 100) short seminar on the latest findings on technique and training by Jason Cork. Must be preregistered. Contact Jason Cork (jason.cork@cxcskiing.org) to register.
9:00AM to 4:00PM:  3D ski flex testing and analysis for the public
12:30PM to 1:30PM:  Casual lunch at The Lucky Cup Coffee Shop, 2 blocks south of Cyclova XC (next to the Post Office)
4:00PM to 5:00PM:  Presentation by Catlin Compton Gregg on her Olympic experience on the Cyclova XC screen (at Cyclova XC)
5:30PM to 7:00PM:  Casual dinner at the Indian Creek Winery & Grille (across the street from Cyclova XC)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

11:00AM to 3:00PM: 3D ski flex testing and analysis for the public
12:00PM to 2:00PM: SkiErg (power measuring double pole machine) cross country ski championships with prizes by Salomon

Come For a Rollerski With Us on Saturday, Oct. 8th

Hey All!

Frank and I are planning on doing an easy rollerski on Saturday up in St. Croix Falls.  The shop opens at 11, so I figure we can hit River Road at about 7:45.  If you don't know River Road, it's just North of St. Croix (past the park).

Frank always claims that he hasn't been on his rollerskis much, then he sprints off and you never see him again.  I, on the other hand, am the type of guy who rollerskis with a coffee mug in one fist, and a doughnut in the other (so we've got all levels covered).

Generally, I drive down the first hill and park behind the first road sign I come across (I think it might be a curve warning sign).  I'm guessing if you just drive down River Road on Saturday morning, you're going to see us.  Then you can just park, throw on your boots, and join the train!

Cheers and hope to see you!

Tour de Taste and CyclovaXC Grand Opening

I didn't include this image before, but I should have because it's awesome!  I might have to isolate Frank and have a cardboard cutout made of him in that exact same pose to hang permanently in the front of our shop.  It's sort of like a mix between a safety first video (specializing in the dangers of scissors) and Conan the Barbarian.  You know...that big pair of scissors...I could go off for hours.  Why doesn't something like that ever turn up in a Zombie movie?  I mean, it's acceptable that people grab cricket bats.  We don't play cricket in the US!  But movie producers don't consider those to be a too improbable item for zombie film weapon inclusion.  Why not a ginormous pair of scissors (wow, no spell check highlight for "ginormous," maybe the spell check thingy finally gave up on me)?

Anyway, let me get back to business.

I just put together a whole bunch of photos from our Tour de Taste event and the other things we had going on at our Grand Opening.  It's always nice to get the inaugural event under your belt, and although we had some hiccups, we're sure we can get them corrected for something even bigger and better next year.  Here are a collection of shots for you all to enjoy, and I think Frank has some more that he will be posting soon.

 The Door Prizes
 Daisy as a Cyclist
Inca Trail Presentation
Tired Little Biker

Be sure to head up to CyclovaXC for our Superfit weekend from October 28th to the 30th! This is a premier event featuring professional cross-country ski fitting, technique and waxing workshops with the world class athletes and Olympians from the CXC racing team (there are also going to be some fun things for you to try like laser rifle biathlon). Check out CyclovaXC.com in the upcoming weeks for a full event schedule!
See you all soon!

Ribbon Cutting At CyclovaXC!

Hey Everybody!

We're glad to announce that our opening weekend was a resounding success!  We received a lot of excellent feedback from participants in the Tour de Taste and we're looking forward to making this event get bigger and better every year!

Above are the photos of the ribbon cutting ceremony and everybody in that photo plus about a billion other people deserve an ENORMOUS THANK YOU for helping Frank and I realize our dream to open up this shop.  We'd also like to thank the community of St. Croix falls for welcoming us with such enthusiasm to their community, we wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

We're looking forward to seeing everybody soon at our new home in St. Croix Falls!  This is the beginning of something great!

"Beyond Birkie Fever" Releases Today!

Today is the official release date of "Beyond Birkie Fever" with Rhemalda Publishing.  Rhemalda is a traditional Publisher out of Washington (which means this book is NOT self-published).  They have an editing team, design team, marketing team...everything but a bowling team, although that's in the works too.

To date, I've been pretty pleased with Rhemalda, they make a sincere effort to get your books in people's hands (unlike other publishing houses I've dealt with).

Anyway, I've been getting some pretty good feedback from this book, so do me a favor and check it out.  And, if you do pick up a copy, PLEASE write a review for Amazon (I need the discussion of the book to get started).  If you start feeling really ambitious, you can put the review up at Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and WalMart...but at the very least just do Amazon.

The bookstore at Rhemalda is currently offering a 40% off sale, so you can check that out here.  Also, you can check out this article from a local paper.  And here's a chapter excerpt from the Birkie office.

The book's getting a decent amount of press, but I look forward to the feedback from you...my loyal readers.


See you at the Grand Opening of CyclovaXC!