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Apparel Sale this Weekend at CyclovaXC!

As you all know, our first wax clinic is coming up on Saturday, December 3rd at 6 PM (for more information click here).  We'd like to see as many of you there as possible since proper waxing technique is crucial to having fast skis on race day (plus, we'd just like to see you all).

As an extra incentive, in addition to a completely free wax clinic, and the 10% discount you get on ski waxing items during a clinic, we'd also like to offer a 20% discount on apparel this weekend (excluding only team gear and gloves).  For those of you who haven't yet picked up a pair of Sporthill training pants, now's the time to do it.  Now that we're stuck in that no man's land time of year when it's either raining or there's not enough snow to ski, you'll find you'll be reaching for your Sporthill pants almost daily.  These pants are form fitting enough so there is no interference when you're out for a run, but they're also a relaxed enough fit so you don't feel too out of place buying an energy drink at a gas station on the way home.  They're also the perfect pant for holiday football games with the family since they're rugged and won't tear when you get tackled (presuming that anyone can catch you of course).

Speaking of that, we should really start doing some football games up at the shop on the weekends.  Maybe after the ski season in March or so when everybody's kind of tuckered out from skiing and dragging their feet about training.

In addition to Sporthill pants, we also carry SmartWool socks and base layers.  As anyone who has ever skied the Pepsi Challenge can tell you, you can never have to many thermal shirts (throwing on a dry one after the race makes life a LOT better).

So come on in Saturday, learn how to turn your skis into rocket ships (we're planning on providing some sort of refreshment...but we don't know what yet), and stock up on your waxing gear and skiing apparel!

Great Skiing At Trollhaugen - in the St. Croix River Valley!

Trollhaugen was a busy place on Wednesday morning, with a full parking lot and a bus load of high school kids out enjoying some early season skiing!

It's November, and believe it or not, we have great xc skiing here in the St. Croix River Valley.  Trollhaugen's dedication to Nordic skiers continues this ski season, through allowing Nordic skiing anywhere on their many perfectly groomed alpine runs, from 7AM - 9AM.  After a few more days of snow making, their 2.5 Troll Hollow Nordic loop will be finished up and covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.  The Troll Hollow loop has 100% man made snow coverage and is lighted late into the night, making for one of the most convenient XC Ski venues in the region - with guaranteed snow!

I've enjoyed skiing at Trollhaugen twice already this season, and have enjoyed skiing around on the flats at the bottom of the hill, and have also gotten in a great workout by skiing up and down the big hill.  As a bonus for skiing up the hill, you can ski down, practicing your slide turns (or Tele turns if you're a better skier thank I).  Finally, Steve Edling tipped me in on a great little tip for skiing at Trollhaugen on a busy day, suggesting that I ski back and forth on the bowl at the top of the hill.  Up at the top, there is a great bowl, with a curving trail and fun terrain that provides a great workout.  

Come on out and join us this morning at Trollhaugen from 7 to 9 for a fun ski, including a beginners lesson at 7:15 - just look for the Cyclova XC jackets.  Also, I will be leading the wax clinic at Trollhaugen's Nordic Race Clinic tomorrow at noon.  Come on over to Trollhaugen and check it out!

The father & son team of Pedersen & Pedersen out acending the Troll, and sporting a Cyclova XC "Ski Like Landgraf" hat.

Ironwood Movie Theater

After a hard day of skiing at ABR, you might want to head out to the local, high-tech movie theater in Ironwood, MI to watch a recent release.  Back in the old days when Frank and I used to rocket off to Ironwood every other weekend throughout November and December, we used to top off our 4 hour skiing day with a flick or two.  Now, my memory might be fuzzy, but I seem to remember that we hit the Ironwood theater to watch "The Fellowship of the Ring" when it first got released.  The reason I remember this is because Frank had already seen it once, and he took to screaming out "YE shall not pass!" at any time that it was appropriate (or inappropriate...the key was that he was yelling it a lot).  And not only did he just yell it, he emphasized the "YE" and extended it, so it was like "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE shall not pass!"

Well, after listening to this for about two weeks, we excitedly went to the movie theater to watch LOTR: FOTR (that stands for "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring") for the second time.  As the movie progressed to the point where Gandalf had his huge showdown with the Balrog on the bridge of Khazad-Dum, I could tell Frank was getting pretty excited that the "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Shall not PASSS!" line was about to happen.

The Balrog appeared...

There was a ball of flame...

Gandalf stepped forward and said...

"YOU shall not pass!"

"What?" Frank said disgustedly, shocked to come face to face with the fact that he had been loudly misquoting the film for a week.  Then after thinking about it for a second, he shrugged and said, "he should have said 'ye.'"

I happen to agree with him.

Anyway, here's the scene in case you have forgotten it.  I scoured Youtube for the "You Shall Pass--Obi Wan Kenobi" parody but couldn't find it (it would have been a pleasant surprise for Jeff...oh well).

No Snow at ABR Today (unhappy face)

Well, ABR was awesome yesterday but today it suffered the effects of 50 degree temperatures and...well, it didn't really rain, but it was very humid, humid enough that the snow just died.

That being said, I still skied for an hour today on my old bulletproof back-country skis, but about a quarter of that ski involved walking along on grass.  It was one of those stress-free, fun days, but it wasn't really skiing (still anything beats roller-skiing).

All this being said, ABR is still THE place to go for early season skiing. With their lake-effect snow they get HUGE dumps and literally can manufacture a great ski trail literally overnight.  So keep an eye on the forecasts and keep your fingers crossed because I'm thinking we'll be making some trips to ABR in early December.  Although things don't look good for this weekend.

Always give ABR a call before you head up there.  It's a long drive and I just don't want anyone to drive up on the recommendation of this web page only to be sorely disappointed upon arrival.  Here's their web page and phone number             (906)-932-3502     .

Trollhaugen is the best bet for this weekend I think!

ABR Trail Conditions on Thanksgiving

Hey everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!  For the last two years, Zulma and I have been on the road for Thanksgiving.  Last year we were at the Crazy Horse Monument in the Black Hills, and this year we were up at Ironwood, Michigan staying at the AmericInn and hitting the ski trail in the morning (well, I was hitting the ski trail, Zulma and Sofia were hitting the pool, and the waffles...well...I hit the waffles too).

The skiing was courtesy of ABR, and if you haven't ever been to ABR, let me tell you that it's probably the best place for early season skiing.  It was fun coming up here because I hadn't been to Ironwood since about 2001.  Back in the old days, Frank and I used to make this trip regularly, so driving up on Tuesday brought back some memories.

As you can see from the above photo, the trails were pretty good up until about 11:30 on Thanksgiving day, but I think the warm temperatures and the sun might have had their way with the trail since then.  I bought a 3 day pass, so I'm planning on heading out there in the morning on my back country skis (good conditions for the Rossignol Evo's) for an hour or so before heading back to Chippewa.

See you all at CyclovaXC for your Black Friday Cross-Country ski shopping!

Store Info

Cyclova XC, Inc is a boutique bicycle, xc ski, and outdoor adventure store.  Our expert staff of career cyclists & skiers take great pride in offering the best service to all of our clients.  You'll find the atmosphere in our store to be different than almost any other bike shop on the planet - we believe bikes are beautiful, and should be presented as art.  We tastefully display one of each of our bike models with rotating art exhibits passing through. 

Cyclova XC is located in beautiful downtown St. Croix Falls, WI, about a 50 minute drive from Minneapolis in the beautiful upper St. Croix River Valley, and the gateway to northern Wisconsin's plethora of silent sport opportunities.  This area is a literal playground for cyclists, xc skiers, and trail runners - with a world class network of trails for our customers to enjoy!  With three wineries, great coffee shops, shopping, theater, bed & breakfasts, and camping (at one of 3 state parks within 8 miles) within a 5 minute walk of downtown there is plenty to do after you're done with your ride, run, or ski.

In short, Cyclova XC is a community of silent sport enthusiasts; where athletes and enthusiasts come to purchase their equipment, have it serviced by experts, learn, and enjoy their craft.

Inside Cyclova XC, you'll find 3000 square feet of the best assortment of XC Skis, Bicycles, and Trail Running equipment in the US.  All presented in a clean welcoming art gallery type atmosphere!

It is our goal to provide Cyclova XC customers an enjoyable & clean shopping experience at Cyclova XC.  It is our opinion that most bike and ski shops are cluttered, confusing, and lack expert service.  Friendly, expert service for our customers is always the priority at Cyclova XC.  At  Cyclova XC, you will find the best bikes, xc skis, and shoes, and accessories presented as we believe they were meant to be presented - as art!  In addition to presenting our products as art, we also feature rotating art exhibits throughout our store - to add to the experience.

Cyclova XC features select XC skis from the top 4 brands on the planet, along with expert service:  Rossignol, Salomon, Madshus, and Fischer!

Providing all of our customers expert advice (whether you're a first timer or an Olympian), is at the core of our being.  Every bike, ski, boot, ski pole, shoe, and other technical piece of equipment is carefully fit to each customer.  If the product doesn't fit the customer and their needs, we simply won't sell it to that customer.  Equipment fitting optimally is always the most important factor in enjoying your bike, xc ski, and running experience - and we're here to make certain that happens.

We believe that servicing the products we sell is as important (maybe even more so) than selling the product in the first place.  At Cyclova XC, we offer a full range of bike service - from flat tire changes to custom bike builds, from tune ups to wheel building.  On the ski service side of things, we offer a full range of waxing services - but are best known for our world class xc ski Stonegrinding and Race Prep Thermo Treatment (hot boxing).  You can depend on Cyclova XC to service your xc skis and bicycles at the same level that the US Ski Team members, factory team members, and other elite racers depend on us for!

Cyclova XC Co-Owner is among the most experienced XC Ski Technicians in the country.  You'll also find the most advanced XC Ski specific ski

Cyclova XC was launched in August of 2009 as a bike & ski team with a daily updated blog.  Here is the story on the name Cyclova XC. The founders and now co-owners of Cyclova XC (Frank Lundeen & Ben Jonjak) launched Cyclova XC with the simple goal of having fun with our sports and building community around them.  When we started the Riverbrook Nordic Ski Team and Leinenkugel's Bike Team in the 90's, we had a similar goal - and now this simple goal is again thriving with the Cyclova XC Team.   After more than 2 years of rapid growth & a global audience viewing CyclovaXC.com daily, selling over 150 team bike and ski kits, and suggestions from many folks that we open a store - we have done so.  For the full history on the progression toward the opening of our store, CLICK HERE.

Wax Clinic Schedule for CyclovaXC (All Welcome, Free to Attend)

Hello Everybody,

At CyclovaXC we understand that the process of preparing your skis can be a daunting task.  For that reason, we have broken up the waxing process into 7 separate wax clinics.  We highly recommend these clinics for both novices and experienced skiers as the industry standard for waxing evolves every year.  Why cost yourself valuable minutes and energy in your races by persisting in waxing your skis with last year's methods?

These clinics are completely free and everyone is welcome to attend.  As an added bonus, you will have the opportunity to purchase wax and waxing tools at a 10% discount after the clinics!

Come and join the fun folks at CyclovaXC and learn how to get everything out of your skis, your wax, and (most importantly) yourself!

Clinic Schedule:

Saturday, December 3 @ 6PM: Mike Lundeen of Toko and Madshus leads a clinic for all levels of skiers - from Olympians to first timers on glide waxing fundamentals. In this clinic, we will highlight the fundamentals of how to apply glide wax. It is more important to apply wax properly, than to buy the spendy stuff. Learn to make the most of the time & money you spend on glide waxing, by applying it properly. All are welcome and keep in mind that you will receive a 10% discount on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic! Additionally, we will soon be announcing some very special VIP guests for a never before seen presentation on XC Ski design and manufacturing. Stay tuned...

Thursday, December 15 @ 6PM: Frank Lundeen on de-mystifying the art of grip (kick) waxing classic skis. The art of grip waxing doesn't need to be a complicated mystery - and it won't be if you attend this clinic. 10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Thursday, December 29 @ 6PM: Dan Meyer, owner of Fast Wax, Polymer Scientist, and life long skier leads a clinic on fast skis with Fast Wax - made locally in the St. Croix River Valley! 10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Thursday, January 12 @ 6PM: Frank Lundeen focuses in on ski prep for extreme cold conditions - such as those commonly found at January ski races like the Pepsi Challenge. Learn the keys to making your skis glide in those frigid squeaky January ski events! 10% off any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Thursday, January 26 @ 6PM: Frank Lundeen zeroes in on advanced race glide waxing techniques. In this clinic, we will discuss and demonstrate advanced race glide waxing techniques used on the World Cup - tricks that will make real differences in your ski speed and race results. A few of the topics to be covered include application of flourinated glide waxes, synthetic hardeners, flourocarbons, layering of waxes, and application of structure. 10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Thursday, February 9 @ 6PM: Waxing guru and master of fast skis Jerry Slater of the Toko Tech Team presents the inside scoop on how to prep your skis for the weekend's Pre-Birkie and Mora Vasaloppet races. 10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Thursday, February 23 @ 6PM: Frank Lundeen presents how to have your best skis ever at this year's Birkie! Ski selection, structure, glide waxing, and grip waxing will be discussed and demonstrated.

All clinics are at the CyclovaXC retail store in St. Croix Falls
125 North Washington St., Suite A
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024
(715) 483 3278

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ABR Has Good Snow!

According to the ABR web page, there is good snow out there, and that's good enough for me!  Frankly, I've been trying to figure out what to do since my wife has a few days off for Thanksgiving.  What better way to celebrate than to fast forward to winter (actually, she's excited about hanging out in a big, beautiful hotel room for a few nights)?

I'll be going up there pronto and posting some pictures for all of you to see.  If things go well, maybe I'll run into a few CyclovaXC teammates!

Cheers, and happy Thanksgiving!

Snow! Everybody's Going CRAZY!

It's nice to go through Facebook and see all the pictures people are putting up who are all psyched out about the recent snowfall.  It's all just theory until the flurries start and then BANG, people are revved up.  Something about seeing those flakes in the air and feeling that crisp, frozen air enter your nose that makes you want to SKI!

This picture is from last year when we were still working on a cover for "Beyond Birkie Fever" (Tom and Debby just called me up raving about the book by the way, so head into CyclovaXC and get a copy!) and we thought it'd be cool to have the CyclovaXC suit and a Birkie founder bib on the cover.  So, I went over to Landgraf's house and asked him if I could borrow one of his bibs for a photo shoot.  Actually, I was a little uncertain as to whether or not that was a legitimate request (those bibs are precious), but Dave thought it was an awesome idea and was only too eager to let me use one of his bibs.

So this is one of the billion or so photos I took and which we eventually didn't use on the book cover, but I'm still glad we have them, and there's no better way to commemorate the first snowfall on CyclovaXC than an image that includes a Landgraf Birkie Bib!

Skiing the Sibley Ski Tour Back in '95 or so

I was just digging through some old photos when I came across this one from the Sibley Ski Tour from about fifteen years ago.  Frank and I are decked out in the original Riverbrook duds that we designed after a rollerski down at Lake Wissota Park.  This suit became known as the "icicle" suit since back then the sublimating companies couldn't do a fade, so they just dribbled icicles on the fade areas (it was effective enough from a distance).  Oh, that was also a one piece suit which seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur.

You know...the whole one piece versus two piece argument isn't a slam dunk.  Sure, the two piece is a lot more convenient for things like going to the bathroom before a race.  But it's like Mike says, when you zip up that one piece suit, you just feel complete.

Anyway, I seem to remember this being a brutally cold race and the fact that we're both wearing neck warmers seems to attest to that.

Sigh...to be fifteen years younger again, oh well.

But as you can see, Frank and I have been doing this ski thing for a loooooong time!

I've Just Been Named Ambassador to Inca Runners

As most of you know, at some point CyclovaXC in association with IncaRunners is going to do an EXTREMELY EPIC trip down the Inca trail (I had to put that in all caps and I STILL didn't convey how EPIC and LIFE CHANGING this trip is going to be).

I did this trip last summer and wrote this article about the adventure (I also did a slide show which you probably saw at the grand opening).  The only thing that I regret was that I wasn't in better shape.  Still, it was an amazing trip and I wouldn't trade that experience for anything.

According to Roberto Carcelen (Peru's first winter Olympian and the trail guide for the Inca Trail), Martin Koukal (2003 50 km world champion) is psyched to do this trip again, and if all systems are go this summer, you're not going to want to miss this opportunity.

I've been in contact with Roberto quite a bit recently and he's committed to coming up and doing the American Birkebeiner, so that will give all of you a chance to meet him and get a taste of his enthusiasm for running the Inca Trail.

I've just been named an ambassador to Inca Runners, you can learn about that here as well as read a story about how the Inca trail is a great place to start your Birkie training.

So, seriously, put the Inca trail on your list of MUST DO lifetime events.  I'll be going to Peru frequently (a minimum of every other year) so if you want to travel with an expert, just get in touch!

The Birkie Is Filling Up, Register Now!

Yes, this race is capped, so if you're thinking of doing it, you'd better sign up now (click here for registration)! I remember the first time I did the Birkie back when I was 18, I was able to wait until the week before the event...but those days are long gone and if you don't sign up before it closes, it's VERY difficult to get in (I'd say impossible, but I've heard of it happening at great expense to the competitor, believe me you don't want to go that route, just bite the bullet and sign up!).

Using the CXC Fitting Mat to Check Cross-Country Ski Fit

First off, I've shipped out the order for our ski suits and Mt. Borah has told me they'll be shipping the final product on December 16th which should give us our suits in plenty of time for the snow (and, more importantly, the early races).  

In the meantime, I've finally found a second of peace to sift through my old photos and videos and start posting some of the things that happened on our Super Fit weekend at CyclovaXC.  For example, in the above image, we have a skier checking out how a couple of Salomon racing skis flex on the CXC Fitting mat.  That fitting mat was a pretty impressive piece of technology (you can see the flex pattern on the screen).

Cross-country skiing is one of those kind of minimalists sports, but don't be fooled, there is a HUGE amount of technology that goes into modern skis, boots, bindings and poles.  Don't get me wrong, skiing is still one of the best sports for escaping the technological world and getting reconnected with the true reality of being a living being.  It's just that the technology of skiing is kind of hidden in the background to magnify your experience.  The better your skis go through the snow and twist and adapt to the trail, the less you have to think about them.

Which gives you the chance to think about more important things, or absolutely nothing at all!

Last Chance For Ski Suit Pre-Order

Hey Everybody!
I woke up and there was snow on the ground here in Chippewa Falls, WI, so that just underscored the urgency of getting the suit order in.  I want to be sure to get our suits in the shop by mid-December or so, so please send your size in to bj@cyclovaxc.com and your check to:

PO Box 187
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024

I'm going to send in the order tomorrow so please contact me.  Again the suits are $150 + tax for a total of $158.25 (this was as low a price as I could get), and getting one of these suits entitles you to a 10% discount on select items at the store.  Hope to hear from you!

My Rollerskis Exploded!

Well...I guess that's the last time I ski on rollerskis that I didn't buy at CyclovaXC.  You see that section with the blue wheel and the bolt?  Yeah...that's supposed to be attached to that big, gaping hole on the rollerski. For the record, these are a pair of Proskis that I probably bought about 15 years ago, and it's pretty hard to calculate the total number of hours I've spent on them, but it's easily in the 1,000 to 1,500 range, maybe more.

The actual moment of these skis blowing out is kind of an interesting story.  I was doing a 6 AM ski with John (I haven't gotten the guy's last name yet).  We were just going casually along on the bike trail, and fortunately we had already turned around and were well on our way back when BOOM!

Apparently the stress caused just from that bolt hole was enough to erode the structural integrity of the ski (after 15 years and 1,500 hours of training).  The fact that I'm a bigger man now than I was in my 1st wave Birkie days probably didn't help (and the fact that the back wheel gets most of the torque and pressure put on it).  If you look at the above picture, you can see that the other rollerski is about to blow out too.  All those cracks around the bolt shouldn't be there.

Anyway, I'd just survived a road crossing when there was suddenly a loud grinding sound coupled with the sensation that my foot had fallen into a hole or something.  Amazingly (I'm about to go off about my tremendous skiing skills), I didn't collapse into a wad, but managed to slow down jumping from ski to ski until I could finally just bail into a ditch.

The thing about skiing is that it's not like biking.  In biking, when you fall it's usually onto your side and you're able to slide gently across the pavement (unless it's in a race, then you're flipping forward and breaking your collarbone).  In skiing, you're going to faceplant and it's going to tweak your thumbs, wrists and ankles.  I landed softly enough, however, that I wasn't hurt at all.

It was a little bit shocking, however, to look back at the mangled end of my rollerski and see that the wheel was completely gone.  I was expecting that a twig or something had gotten jammed in it...not that the wheel was gone!  John looked at it and said, "wow...that completely failed!"

Yup, rollerski fail!  Fortunately CyclovaXC stocks tremendous one-way rollerskis and I'm on my way to buy a pair tomorrow!  

Oh...if anybody wants to buy some blue Pro-ski wheels with quite a bit of meat left on them, just let me know!  I have four to sell as you can see.

Presenting the 2011 CyclovaXC Race Suit!

Ok folks! Here it is, the design that's about to take the XC world by storm!  I just e-signed the approval form, so this is the CyclovaXC suit for the 2011 season (and beyond as I don't see us redoing this anytime soon).  After careful consideration, we decided to only offer the "Pro" model.  Initially we had thought about doing a "Team" suit as well, but once we got the fabric in the store for the fitting kit, it was just obvious that the "Pro" material is of much higher quality.

As you can see, the top is almost the same as the top we offered for our long sleeve biking jersey.  This is good because it means that pretty much all our team gear goes together (speaking of that, if anyone is interested in ordering our team jacket or our team vest, I'm doing a reorder along with the ski suit order, so contact me about your size at: bj@cyclovaxc.com).

The price is 150 + tax for a total of $158.25.  This is an extremely low price for a suit of this quality, so we urge anybody who is thinking of skiing this year to pick this up.  Heck, if you end up not racing, this stuff makes great thermal underwear (it's a good buy).

Some things about the design I wanted to point out:

  • You'll notice that the "backside" area is black, most people that I talked to requested this
  • I don't know if you can see it in the above rendering, but on one side of the suit's top it says "Ski Like Landgraf" and on the other side it says "St. Croix Falls, WI  (715) 483 3278"
  • The fabric is "Eyelet Mesh Fabric," which is reportedly a little warmer than the "Tobago" material of our previous suit (I tried a sizing kit suit on today and it did feel super warm)
  • The sizing kit is currently at the CyclovaXC retail store and I highly recommend you go in there and try it on.  The fit of these suits seems a little tighter than the previous suit
  • Tall sizes are available

I need to get our order in to Mt. Borah as soon as possible to ensure that the suits will be ready by ski season.  For that reason, you have until November 11th, to contact me with your order (bj@cyclovaxc.com), and to send your checks into the shop.

Checks can be made payable to CyclovaXC and mailed to:
P.O. Box 187
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024

Buying our suit qualifies you as a "core" team member at CyclovaXC which means you'll be receiving a 10% discount on select items (if you're planning on skiing a lot, buying one of these suits is going to save you money in the long term).

Re-orders for Vests ($75) and Jackets ($145) can also be made at this time.

The order is going in on November 11th, so make sure you contact me.  After that date, the suit price goes up to $165 where it will stay.

"Beyond Birkie Fever" Reaches #3 on Amazon!

This is pretty exciting!  "Beyond Birkie Fever" recently got as high as #3 on the Amazon list for "Snow Skiing."  It has trickled back down that list and is sitting at about #24 right now.  For some recent articles by the author Walter Rhein, check the most recent edition of Silent sports, with this article about David Landgraf.

And here's the prologue of the book which was featured in the latest Birch Scroll.

The intent of "Beyond Birkie Fever" is to give kind of an overview of the life of an amateur cross-country skiier, and show how the American Birkebeiner can change your life.  This is a great book for anyone who enjoys cross-country skiing, or would like to learn more about the sport by reading a humorous and entertaining book.  Copies are available at the CyclovaXC retail store in St. Croix Falls (check out this review).

Review copies are also available to people who...I don't know...have won the Birkie (or at least have a blog lots of people follow), request one from the author by writing to walterrhein@gmail.com.

Trail Run With Birkie Winner at CyclovaXC

Here's a nice picture of the intrepid trail runners heading out on Saturday of our Superfit weekend at CyclovaXC.  To the right of Frank is Birkie Champion and Olympian Caitlin Compton Gregg and her husband Brian Gregg.  We had a great time listening to Brian and Caitlin's technique clinics (I'll be posting some videos from those clinics in the upcoming days)!  Thanks for stopping by you guys, and we'll see you up at the Birkie and the next Olympics!

Oh, I should also mention that Caitlin was impressed with our stonegrinder and dropped off her favorite pair of skis for Frank to tune!  That stonegrinder seriously does rock!

Ice Box 240

The SOVA just sent me this, so I figured I'd better pass it on...

Hello knobby tired friends! Kinnickinnic Off-Road Cyclists are proud to present the second annual Icebox 240! This relay style night race is set in the heart of the Whitetail Ridge trail system in River Falls, WI. Bring your friends for this free, fun and festive experience on Friday, November 11, 2011 at 6PM.

Teams are selected at race venue for maximum competition!
No entry fee!
Prizes for the champions and swag for the rest!
Bring your riding lights and insulated undies!

From the East or West: Exit #3/State Highway 35, off of Interstate 94. Proceed south approximately 5 miles on state highway 35. Turn right at White Tail Boulevard (sign notes Paulson Rd, watch for the signs on the highway!) and look for spandex covered bodies huddled around the burn barrel!
For more information click here!

or email us at…

Apply for the Ski Strong Birkie Scholarship

Hello All,
I've just been informed about this great scholarship which is offered in the name of Dave Landgraf.  Please spread the word!

Ski Strong

This foundation is created in memory of Dave Landgraf, a Birkebeiner founder, who’s life was greatly affected by the wonderful sport of cross country skiing. He skied every Birkie from 1973-2011. The name Ski Strong was the idea of Emalea Landgraf, Dave’s daughter. At the time of Dave’s bike accident, he was wearing his yellow Lance Armstrong Livestrong band. The band remained intact and became a significant reminder of his strength. It is our hope that this foundation will inspire cross country skiers of all ages to embrace winter and the joy in cross country skiing.

Ski Strong Scholarship

Ski Strong wishes to provide free entries for both the Kortelopet and Birkebeiner race. Any boys and girls wishing to ski either race may apply. The requirements are you must be from the state of WI and be 20 years or younger on the day of the race. If you meet the requirements, please send an email answering this question, why cross country skiing is an important part of your life. Please answer the question in 200 words or less essay indicating which race you plan to ski and send it via email to skistrong2011@yahoo.com by December 15, 2011. After reading your essay, Dave’s family will select a boy and girl for each race. If you were are the recipient of a free entry the family will inform you by December 20, 2011.