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Brown Winter Blues!--Upcoming Races and Wax Clinics

It's a little bit hard to maintain your enthusiasm for skiing when you walk outside and step into a mud puddle! This definitely feels like Mt. Biking weather—heck, Frank took us all out on a trail ride at St. Croix a couple weeks ago (it was another of Frank's infamous “easy” rides that left me choking on my coughed up lung).

But folks, let me tell you, there IS decent skiing out there. Last weekend I escaped to the Birkie trail and had a blast. And this weekend, the Sisu Ski Marathon up in Ironwood promises to be good. I've also been informed that there is a local event, the Candlelight ski at Wild River. There's also the Seeley HillsClassic up on the Birkie trail. Fridtjof Nansen in Eau Claire has been canceled unfortunately.

We want to remind you all that we have a FREE wax clinic coming up on Thursday the 12th. As always, there is a 10% discount on waxes and waxing tools during the wax clinic, and beverages will be served. From what the forecast says, it's about to start getting colder, so this will be a great clinic to check out.

Hope to see plenty of you sporting the CyclovaXC team gear at Sisu or wherever you end up skiing this weekend! Think SNOW!

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