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CyclovaXC Wins Best New Business of 2011!

We had a nice night on Thursday when the Falls chamber of commerce gave us an award for the best new business of 2011. This is like getting the "rookie of the year" award in the NFL (more or less).  The award ceremony came after a wonderful dinner, and little Sofia was at her cute best running around the place saying "bye-bye" and making friends with everyone.

It's awesome to get an award and this is just the latest gesture in a long string of overwhelming community support.  Like we've said from the beginning, St. Croix Falls is a hidden treasure for sports, recreation and fun, and we're super happy to be here.  

Thanks for the award, it's on proud display at our shop!

Here's a Sofia pic (that baby loves to have her picture taken):

Here's one with Emalea and Frank, all that's missing is Duane, Mike and Lindsey for the essence of the CyclovaXC Staff!
See you all soon!

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