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Happy New Year from CyclovaXC!

The above image is the original header I put up for CyclovaXC when Frank and I started this whole enterprise back in July of 2009.  Before we were a ski/bike club and a retail store, we were just a blog.  It'd be nice to revamp our web page and take advantage of some of the great features that exist in the programming world today, but for now, the blog still suffices!

It's been a huge year!  Our grand opening was on October 1st and we commemorated it with the Tour de Taste bike tour of the St. Croix valley.
As I look out the window, I see something glorious, 2012 has started out with a MASSIVE SNOWFALL which was exactly what we needed.  Folks, there's just nothing better than a Wisconsin winter when you're traveling with your buds to all the local races, pushing yourself to your limit, and having a blast.  I tell you what, you can live with somebody sixty years and not know as much about them as you learn through the mutual participation of a half hour athletic event.  I guarantee this: the time you spend with your friends racing and training together is the time you will most value in your life!

The other thing that's great about racing and the sporting life is the new people you meet.  I met a lot of great new friends through CyclovaXC as a club, but since we've opened up the doors to the shop, I've met about ten times as many sporting enthusiasts and I'm staggered by  how varied and incredible are their areas of interests.  It's fascinating how some people's passion lies with 50 mile trail runs, while others are into endurance bike riding and camping.  Meeting all these people has given me a huge number of ideas for things to try (which is good because I've made it a point to scratch off all the things on my bucket list early in life...don't put that off people or you won't have time to write a second bucket list...or a third).

Speaking of that, the chances are VERY good that Zulma, Sofia and I will be heading down to Peru again this summer, and that Roberto Carcelen and Martin Koukal (2003 world champ in the 50 KM skate) will be doing the Inca trail!  If any of you are interested in joining us, or for heading down to Peru to see Machu Picchu, just let me know, you are all welcome to crash with me in Lima!
We're psyched about 2012, but I thought it would be fun to throw up a couple meaningful photos that have already appeared on CyclovaXC.  We're as much about where we've come from as where we're going, and the more that join us on the ride, the BETTER!

I noticed that there were quite a few pictures of me eating donuts...which probably explains some of my results over the last few years:
You never see Frank eating any donuts...
We let out a Barbaric Whoooop!  When we landed Tommy, it cost us 4 number one draft picks, but it was worth it (with Tommy on the team, those draft picks are more or less second rounders anyway).  Tommy deserves some props for providing the impetuous for getting the new suits made.
Remember this blizzard?  We had them both in 2009 and 2010. luck.
Back in the old days (pre-donuts).
The shop in St. a constant state of change (improvement).
Sofia eyes up the Evos...
Frank looking tough on an early flyer.
Dr. Edling rocks man...
The very first pair of skis we ground.  You can't have a better endorsement than from everybody's hero, the great Dave Landgraf.  This hand written note hangs proudly in our service center now, where it will remain until the earth stops spinning as far as I'm concerned.
Allan and Dave representing us at Fallon (Dave looks a bit like Bjorn Daehlie I think).  This is a great photo...we might have to get a wall-sized image of this.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Dave Landgraf is my hero.  I know he's going to be watching us race this year, and we're going to make him proud!  Here's to you Dave!
See you on the snow folks!  Ski Like Landgraf!

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  1. Fantastic post Ben! Happy New Year all!