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More Photos from Sisu and Wolverine

 Mitch just sent me the pictures he took at Ironwood so I figured I'd throw them up here just to remind everybody what snow looks like.  I wasn't involved in Frank, Micah, and Mitch's trip to Wolverine the next day because I was too busy rushing back to my home so I could watch the Packers (who, sad to say failed to show up for the game).


At least we can take solace in the fact that there's still snow and ice in some places of the world.
 10 years later and not much has changed (except for about 2 lbs per year...all on me).
 Allan's got cold hands by the look of it...maybe that's why he crashed.

Frank escapes the carnage.
I think Mitch has biking on the brain still.  I guess you can't blame him with as brown as it's been.

Winter Wonderland.

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