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Rendezvous At the Pepsi Challenge!

Ok folks, we just got some snow so that means we have a couple weeks to get into shape and tackle the Pepsi Challenge!  Back in the old days of the Riverbrook Nordic Ski Team, the Pepsi Challenge was always one of the best, if not the best race of the year.  It's small enough so you don't have to spend the whole time fighting traffic like at the Birkie, but it's big enough to get that "Olympics" feel that makes the Birkie so special.

Oh, and the course is simply the best, most difficult course in the area.  Seriously, the Pepsi Challenge KICKS YOUR BUTT!

For those of you who are interested (ahem....ALL OF YOU), click here to pre-register.  Mitch and I just reserved rooms at the Super 8 in Eveleth, so that will be the clubhouse away from home.  I went ahead and reserved for both the nights of the 20th and 21st, because I figure I'll be too destroyed to safely drive my wife and baby home.  Gosh...I'm looking FORWARD to being that destroyed!!!  Yessssss!

Tommy K. usually keeps his eye on the radar before registering for this race because he's smart enough not to go up there if there's a deep freeze (which happens about 2 out of every 3 years), but I'm thinking we'll be lucky this year (although if you ask me, I always assume we're going to get lucky).  Holding off on registration is a wily veteran move, but personally, I need to register just to keep myself motivated (Tommy has no problems with motivation...the quest for domination flows through his veins...and to tell the truth, he usually shows up at this race even if it's a deep freeze, but on paper the "no pre-register" concept is a good one).

So once again, the game plan:

1.  Everybody reserves a room at the Super 8 in Eveleth
2.  We arrive on the night of the 20th and worry about our wax
3.  We arrive in FORCE at the Pepsi Challenge
4.  We triumphantly finish
5.  We hang around in Eveleth in the Super 8 pool/jacuzzi sharing war stories.

This is going to be awesome!

In other events, I'm planning on doing a 40+ k ski on the Birkie trail this weekend if anybody wants to go.  I'll be leaving from the Fish Hatchery at 11 or so probably.

See you all out on the SNOW!!!

On the weekend of the 21st, we'll also have a strong contingent supporting the Balsam Vinter Fest race in Amery.  So please, if you're racing on the 21st and you don't feel like doing a 40+ km distance, make Balsam Vinter Fest your choice!  Here are the details:

21 BALSAM VINTER FEST, 10K & 20K freestyle, 6K HS race, 2K kids' race, 11 a.m., Balsam Branch Trails, Amery, WI; 715/268-8655


  1. Skipping out on the neighborhood Balsam race?

  2. No, we're going to have a contingent at the Balsam race as well. Frank is planning on putting up a wax tent and everything! All bases are covered!

  3. Hope we have snow at both places. 60 in Bismarck tomorrow coming our way.