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Snow! Wax Clinic! Races!

Yesterday I went Roller Skiing!  Can you believe that!  The only thing that kept me from going crazy was the fact that it was snowing/raining on me the whole time (when I say "kept me from going crazy" I mean that only loosely).  

I just got word that the Pepsi Challenge has been postponed until March. That might be for the best actually because Pepsi tends to be a deep freeze.  I love that race, but people think I'm crazy.  For my money, that's the toughest course out there, but not everybody agrees with me.  I'm curious, do you think the Pepsi Challenge is a tougher course than the Birkie trail?  That 5 km climb that you have to do twice seals the deal for me.

Also, I just signed up for the Sisu Marathon in Ironwood and I hope to see a lot of CyclovaXC people there. Word is Frank, Allan and Katie are going, so that's four with me, we'll have to see if we can get Tommy K fired up about it!

Today's going to be a big day at the shop.  Starting at noon when we'll be featuring a Startwax Webinar on the CyclovaXC Big Screen!  Start Finland's chemists and Wax techs will be answering your questions, so be there for that!

Then at 6, Frank will be conducting the 4th of our 7 scheduled wax clinics.  This one will be on waxing for cold weather, which is about to become SUPER relevant!

So come on by and get your ski on!  Hope to see you all at Ironwood or CyclovaXC!

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