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Volunteers Needed to Help out at the Birkie!

Birkie Volunteers are number one in our book!

William Johnson just sent me an email asking us to give a shout out for Birkie Volunteers.  I've done this a couple times, and let me tell you it's a blast.  This is without a doubt THE best way to spectate the Birkie.

I used to hand out drinks back at gravel pit.  The elite guys would come through so fast you hardly had a chance to mobilize.  Even the first wave guys hardly took any drinks (and you had to kind of run along beside them to hand something off).  But bit by bit the skiers become more and more casual, to the point where they're taking off their skis and hunkering down by a fire for a while.  For anyone who is a sporting enthusiast, handing out drinks at the Birkie is a must-attend event!

For more details, contact William Johnson at:

Those of us skiing would like to offer you a sincere THANK YOU in advance!

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