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Badger State Games, City of Lakes Loppet, Author Signings and Wax Clinics

Hello Everybody!

Lot's of big events coming up this weekend. I think the two main ones that most CyclovaXC members will be attending areBadger StateGames and the City of Lakes Loppet. I just called up the race director at Badger State and they felt the course is in pretty good shape (apparently it's in some lowlands that stay a little cooler). City of Lakes has changed it's venue, but you can get updates here.

My plan is to head out to Badger State early on Saturday morning. It's a great race with a tremendous Olympic feel. Plus the 43k skate race there only costs $52 (which is a bargain compared to other races).

In other news, those of you who verbally committed to getting a CyclovaXC race suit, but haven't paid or picked yours up yet have until Sunday, Feb. 5th before they go on the racks and will be available for general sale. We love to accommodate everyone, but we also have to move that inventory! If you can't make it in by the 5th, just call or send an email and put your check in the mail and we'll hold them.

On Thursday, Feb. 9th, Frank's putting on the 5th of our 6 scheduled wax clinics. This one is on Pre-Birkie and MoraVasaloppetPrep. That's right! The PRE-BIRKIE is rearing its intimidating head, which means that the BIRKIE is looming! I know, I know...it seems like the winter hasn't even yet begun, but even though it hasn't snowed, the days have still been falling off the calendar and we're almost there! If you're feeling like you haven't had enough time on snow, I'd definitely recommend you get in on the Pre-Birkie. Even if you just do the shorter event there, your body will have enough in it to survive the Birkie (trust me...I've done the Birkie after having only raced the Pre-Birkie in the past).

If you're not feeling ready equipment-wise, now might be the time to head on down to CyclovaXC. We have a great assortment of ski gear in stop at great prices, and our stonegrind + thermal bag treatment can get a pair of skis rocket-ship fast and race ready right from the moment you carry them through the shop doors! Speaking of that, we're doing stonegrinds every Thursday (just get your skis in by Wednesday and you can pick them up at the wax clinic)! Also come in and check out our Salsa Mukluk snow bikes, people have been LOVING them!

Last but not least, here are some other miscellaneous items coming up:

Oh, and speaking of that, both Jeff Foltz and Walter Rhein will be at Redbery Books signing copies of their novels from 5-7 Pm on Saturday, February 25. Walter will also be there on Saturday, February 11th from 5-7Pm.

Lots of fun stuff! Don't forget to register for this weekend (Badger state registration closes on the 3rd), and we'll see you all out on the SNOW!

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