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Birkie 2012 Wrap Up

I went through my files from last year and found that I posed with Sofia in my mom's house, in my race gear before the race.  So I thought it would be fun to post this picture just to show how much bigger a baby gets after a year (I think I got bigger too).  This is likely to be the first in a series of photos that's going to cause no end of embarrassment to my lovely little daughter (at least she can take solace in the fact that she's wearing Packer jammies).  Actually, I think her expression in the 2012 picture is beyond priceless.

So this post is going to be just everything that I had on my camera on Birkie day.  I don't have any images of people skiing, but I have a pretty good accounting of everything that happened before and after the race (which is where the real stress and fun is).  So, enjoy these pictures and, as always, if you have any more, please send them to me at
The famous view outside Telemark on Birkie day.  Be careful, one of our skiers misplaced his skis here last year when somebody mistook his skis for theirs (he didn't get his skis back until after the he had to ski with shorter poles and bad wax).

I always put my skis in a ski bag and keep them with me in the lodge.  I get too frantic on Birkie morning and I just don't want to be left somewhere without my skis.  Also, I put big awesome CyclovaXC stickers on my skis so they don't get confused.
Here's Mikunda on his way to the start.  He looks like James Garner in this photo!
Freeze your butt off in the port-a-pots in the morning...awesome, but not as bad as last year.  When it's 20+ degrees those port-a-pots are bearable, but at -10, ouch, it's miserable.
Emalea and I at the start!  Emalea rocked the race of course!
Here's what the starting area looks like, for those of you who are curious.
Shooting the starting guns!
With Mitch and Micah who had awesome races!
Ross also completed his first Birkie!  He scolded me at the start for teasing him inappropriately as to what must be in the miracle energy concoction that Lindsley prepared for him.
3 solid members of CyclovaXC.
Elite men go!
Sun breaks through.
Elite women go!
Allan and Adam at the race start. Here's the video of them starting:

Afterwards we warmed up in the tent.
Lots of people were honoring Dave Landgraf on Birkie weekend!
Gear bags at the finish line.  You know you did OK at the Birkie when there are still a ton of gear bags at the end!

Well, that's it for the 2012 Birkie!  It was an awesome day, but I still need to lose 20 lbs and get serious about racing this thing!  See you all on the starting line next year!

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  1. Great pics and congrats on your Birkie. Your little gal is getting big!