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Birkie Pep Talk, Wax Clinic, and Tubing at CyclovaXC this WEEKEND!

This weekend is kind of like passing through the eye of the hurricane. It's going to be deceptively calm and then things are going to just keep getting more and more crazy throughout the week, by Thursday it's going to be unbearable, and on Saturday...BOOM...the Birkie is going to hit us like a bucket of water right in the face!

That's why we DO this!

So, in honor of the upcoming frenzy, we've decided to do a...well...a big weekend long party in the St. Croix Valley. I'll give you a schedule of events in a second, but first and foremost it's imperative that you check out this link about our Birkie waxing, grinding and Hotboxing services. As you can guess, we're going to be OVERWHELMED with skis to handle this weekend, so the sooner you can get your equipment in, the better!

Also, our WINTER CLOSEOUT SALE (up to 30% off select items!) is still running in full force, so if you have been thinking on finally pulling the trigger on some great new racing skis for this years event...NOW IS THE TIME! And don't worry about pumping wax into your new skis, with our Wintersteiger stone grinder and hotbox, we can get your skis race ready the second you haul them out the door!

Anyway, here's the schedule of fun for the weekend, although there are some races around (notably the Book Across the Bay and the Finlandia, I'm pretty shot from the Pre-Birkie last weekend and I thought I'd just keep it local).

Friday, Feb. 17th:
The troops begin to arrive in the St. Croix Area. If you want to crash on your sleeping pad at the CyclovaXC clubhouse, send me an email. We'll be up for some movie watching, or perhaps even an evening ski at Troll Hollow (for my money, that's the best training around South of Hwy. 8).

Saturday, Feb 18th:
10 AM: An early morning ski at Troll Hollow. If anybody is interested in some lessons or some last minute pointers, just show up and look for me in my CyclovaXC gear. I'll be happy to help you out free of charge.

12-2 PM: Tubing at Trollhaugen. Remember, Trollhaugen is not affiliated with CyclovaXC, we just thought it'd be fun to break up the PRE-BIRKIE Tension with something goofy like this (plus, I promised my wife). I'm looking forward to a couple fun hours of silly play (price is $15 for 2 hours).

3:30 PM: Pizza, Brownies, etc. at CyclovaXC. I made some killer brownies yesterday which I then smothered in chocolate frosting, for Saturday, I think I'll make another batch but also use a whole bag of chocolate chips. Plus, I'm going to throw down some pizzas to kill the appetite we worked up sledding.

5 PM: Wax clinic/Birkie Advice. This will be the first of two wax clinics on the Birkie, the second is Thursday February 23rd at 6PM (when we'll have a little bit more accurate forecast). Frank Lundeen will give you a brief overview as to what you're going to want to do with your skis, and then all the CyclovaXC staff will engage in a question and answer session about what to expect at the Birkie. In all truth, the actual skiing is the easiest thing about the Birkie, of much greater difficulty is navigating the logistical nightmare that explodes around Hayward over Birkie weekend. We want you all to have the tools necessary to navigate this with ease! We'll also be doing the DRAWING FOR OUR GEAR GIVEAWAY! After that, bring your camp chairs in case we decide to throw a movie up on the CyclovaXC big screen!

Sunday, February 19th:
9 AM: Leave CyclovaXC and head up to the Birkie trail for a final, 25 to 30 k preparatory ski.

That's it folks, it's going to be a fun weekend filled with tubing, skiing, storytelling and fun! Hope to see you all at CyclovaXC!  Also, I got Roberto to drop the Inca Trail hike price down to $2750 for CyclovaXC members, so if you're interested in that, I'd be happy to take questions any time this weekend (date is June 20th through the 29th).

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