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CyclovaXC Prize Giveaway Winners!

We announced back in December that we would be doing a gear giveaway, and we finally had our drawing last weekend at the shop (right after our awesome day of snow tubing...which I will post pictures of later).  The rules were simple, if you made a purchase at the shop, your name was included in the drawing.  If you made multiple purchases at the shop, your name was included multiple times.

We had a great turnout for the events on Saturday, so at the last minute, we decided to give away three hats and two t-shirts, along with the grand prize of CyclovaXC gear.  The honors of picking the names went to my daughter Sofia because I figured that was the fairest way to go about it.  It was funny to watch her pick up a handful of names and then work her fingers until they all dropped back into the bowl but one (basically...her method approximated total randomness in selecting a winner, which was perfect).

I took pictures of the names in front of each winning item and posted them below.  If you see your name, come on down to the shop to pick up your prize!  Take note that the names in our system generally get typed in by frantic employees as they're trying to check out a half dozen customers...and there may be some slight misspellings (so if you see a name that looks pretty close to yours, you can probably assume it is yours, and we'll get that fixed when you come in).

Also, Frank's 2012 Birkie tip is still looking good, check that here!

Grand Prize:
Congratulations to our winners and good luck at the Birkie Everyone!!!

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