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It's BIRKIE Time!

Hey Folks!

It's finally here, the event we've been waiting for all year: the 39th American Birkebenier! Believe me when I tell you the next couple of days are going to FLY by...and the only moment of calm you're going to get this weekend is, ironically, the moment you're actually skiing the race.

Last weekend we had a great turnout for our Birkie Pep talk and preliminary wax clinic. Frank's long range forecast 2012 Birkie Wax Tip is holding true, and we've been waxing a TON of skis over at the shop. Speaking of that, you can still get your skis in for a rocket fast CyclovaXC wax job, just make sure you drop your skis off at CyclovaXC in downtown St. Croix Falls, WI before 1 PM today (Thursday) to guarantee your skis will be ready for the Birkie!  Also, all the waxes we have listed on our wax tip are IN STOCK at CyclovaXC and are currently 20% off!

Also, don't miss the FINAL WAX CLINIC of the year at CyclovaXC, today (Thrusday) at the shop at 6PM!

I was hoping to get the last order of “Ski Like Landgraf!” hats in yesterday, but although Mt. Borah has shipped them, they haven't come in yet. I'm pretty sure they'll come in today, so I'll have them briefly up at the expo, and at the start of the race on Saturday. If you want to pick one up for the race, meet us at the wall of champions (that's where we typically camp out before the race). The hats will be $32 on race day (tax included), so just come with a check or cash and I'll hook you up (or send me an email at if you want to set something else up).

Speaking of the Wall of Champions, it'd be nice to see everyone who has purchased a “Ski Like Landgraf!” hat there before the race. Just swing by and say hello!

In addition to our tubing extravaganza and Birkie pep talk last weekend, we also did our prize drawing. Winners are announced here. The only thing we didn't mention during the pep talk was how to navigate “Birkie Ruts.” During the Birkie, there are so many people snowplowing, that the skis push all the snow into piles. The result is a strange series of channels on the downhills composed of sections of glare ice and piles of loose snow. You aren't going to be able to control your speed by snowplowing on these sections, but don't worry, you can slow yourself down by skiing THROUGH THE LOOSE SNOW PILES! This is very important because if you try to snowplow like normal, you'll probably catch a tip in the deep stuff and take a spill.

Folks, although the Birkie is a race, I want you all to take a few deep breaths, and just enjoy it. The most important thing is to stay safe and get through it! Enjoy the day! Your time in the Birkie is always a little slower than the other marathon races you do just because there are so many people to navigate through. Although that can be frustrating, it's also what makes the Birkie great! Enjoy the people, enjoy the energy, and let everyone out there know that the CyclovaXC people are fun loving and like to party!

Because we're all a bunch of wily Birkie veterans, we like to completely skip the logistical nightmare that Hayward becomes on Birkie morning. For that reason, you're likely to find us all on the VERY FIRST BUS at the Como Parking lot (even though this requires a 4:30 AM wake up call--bus leaves at 6 AM). There is time to relax at Telemark, so get there early. You DON'T want to be frantically waiting for a bus in Hayward when it's only 10 minutes until your wave's start time.  Here's the map of the parking areas from the Birkie web page:

After the race, make sure you head down to Redbery Books where Walter Rhein will be signing compies of “Beyond Birkie Fever” along with Jeff Foltz, author of “Birkebeiner: A Story of Motherhood and War.”

It's going to be a great day. Don't have expectations, just go up there and get caught up in the flow. If you try to swim against the current at the Birkie, you'll become exhausted and get swallowed up, but if you just relax and let the event take you, it's one heck of a ride! See you there! Good Luck everybody! I'm looking forward to meeting up on main street and hearing about your excellent day!

Long live the Birkie!!!  And Ski Like Landgraf!!!!


  1. Your comment was so good Big River Pete, that I added it to the end of the article! Thanks!

    1. Did you get my 'submission' for the Moves Like Landgraf theme song?

  2. Best of luck to all skiers and watch out for cyclovaxc members. They will be rocking the birkie trail!! Have fun everyone.