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Bulletproof Bicycle Wheels at CyclovaXC!

Well, I took these pictures of Frank's bulletproof wheels with my Blackberry which isn't good at taking close ups.  So, I just used a free picture editor application to try to jazz up the image and divert attention from their overall ineffectiveness.  Awesome work eh?

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was Frank's awesome bulletproof wheels that he likes to build. As you can see, he wraps a piece of wire around the spoke intersection (I've heard that the magical number of wraps is 7...correct me if I'm wrong on that Frank).  The wire is then soldered.  I can't go into any more details because this is super top-secret stuff.

This process increases the weight slightly, but it also increases the overall strength of the wheel dramatically.  If you're interested in getting something like this, you're best off swinging by CyclovaXC and talking to Frank.  To my knowledge, very few other bike stores are capable of producing something like this :)

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