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Celebrating the End of the 2012 Ski Season at the Landgraf Loppet!

Although many of our racers headed out to Biwabik (which I heard was really tough) or the Bear Chase, a pretty solid contingent of skiers stuck around to do the 2nd annual Landgraf Loppet at Hickory ridge.  This whole race came together on pretty short notice, due to the fact that Hickory ridge got a HUGE dump of snow a couple weeks ago (enough for Zulma to experience her first snow day as classes at the school where she works were cancelled--there is no joy like learning you don't have to go to work/school because it's a snow day).

We had a pretty solid turn-out on Sunday, despite Allan's best efforts to confuse people by changing the date and starting time at least four times a day on every one of the four or five days leading up to the event.  I pretty much left it up to Emalea to just tell him, "LOOK, WE HAVE TO PICK A TIME AND STICK WITH IT!!!" which is pretty much the first rule of organizing any event.  To Allan's credit, he was out there grooming at midnight, then again, the dude only sleeps like 36 minutes a day.  The rest of the time he's building cars, designing space capsules, or just sprinting through the wilderness knocking down trees with his elbows.

About 10 of us skied, and the other 15 or so who were there made our "Bring your own beer and buffet" a fantastic success!  The skiing was fun since it got up to 65 degrees.  I ended up peeling off my T-shirt and just skied in my vest, it was a good look for me, although I could have used a big, gnarly gold chain (speaking of that, I need a big ridiculous cowboy hat for our card games after group rides, I think that would just add to the whole ambiance).

Allan produced a spectacular plate of chicken wings:
We think he needs to open up a chicken wing/blueberry shop and quit this whole chiropractor thing.  He also managed to accelerate his snow machine until it achieved time warp (you can tell they traveled through time by the snow caked on the doors and windows):
 Also, we gave out a PLETHORA (the use of "plethora" in any sentence is excessive but whatever) of door prizes.  Here's Jeff, proudly cradling his newly won half-full (optimist) jar of enormous pickles.  That's the smile of genuine happiness:
Micah, Mitch and Adam enjoy the sun after the race.  It was awesome, it got HOT!  Like, hot where it was uncomfortable to sit there in just a T-shirt.  Ahhhhh, spring is here ladies and gentlemen!  Props to Mitch too for completing BOTH the Landgraf Loppet and the Pepsi Challenge over the weekend.  The rest of us just went out and got our first CyclovaXC team bicycle ride in on Saturday...which was also awesome!
The one thing I didn't take a photo of was the SPREAD!  Put it this way, our two collapsible tables were overflowing.  When you show up at an event like this, there is no sweeter greeting than, "there's PLENTY of food!"  Thanks to whoever was responsible for it all, especially the brats!

Next week is St. Patrick's day, and I'm sure we'll be doing a team ride out of the shop if anyone's interested.  I think we might just be calling ourselves CyCLOVERxc in honor of the day!  Bring your own green beer!

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